Dutch Party Time

Looking for some party music? Your search is over thanks to Dutch Party. This Indie Pop+Rock n Roll band based out of Echo Park, Los Angeles has developed a unique sound suited for the analog-versus-digital generation, citing key influences from David Bowie, Beck, The Beatles and The Tallest Man On Earth, as well as M83 and Emil and Friends.

Lead singer and guitarist Ken Franklin has devoted all his time creating this project and is more than ready to get this party started. We were so pumped for Franklin that we gathered some questions for him so we could learn more about this Dutch Party project.

Where does the name Dutch Party come from?

It was painted on the side of an escaped elephant that was walking through downtown. Sometimes you see a thing and it just sticks with you.

The band is considered Indie, Pop and Rock n Roll. Where and how do you guys start a project while trying to mesh these genres together?

It’s a lifelong process of falling in love with music. One day it just adds up and click. I had been working behind the scenes as a session musician, adding any instrument that a session called for. Before too long I was asked to produce a record, then mix another. One day I was walking downtown and it just hit me to try a record of my own. This is just the beginning for us, and the next one is going to be even better!

You guys look like you like to party. How would you describe a Dutch Party “Party” if it were to take place?

First of all, thank you for noticing. Secondly, the perfect Dutch party is a unique balance of several great elements. At a Dutch party you can dance if you wanna dance. You can read a book on the grass if that’s what you feel like. You can eat and drink and sing and laugh and find some handsome person to kiss. But what’s really key is: The right people must come and ante-up in spirit. The spirit invests in making the party an occasion, with a common interest in summoning up the good vibes and making the moment one to remember. Plus a killer soundtrack helps.

We had a small feature on you guys a few months ago and it looks like the band has grown tremendously. How does that feel as a band who is in the breakout scene right now?

Amazing. Thank you for the shout out both then and now btw! We’ve just released our first record and the response has been wonderful for a little band from California…it’s great to have positive reinforcement from listeners after all of the work and anticipation!

Are there any plans this summer? Any tour dates?

We’ve got a pseudo residency in LA in the works a secret show in San Francisco and are playing some great festivals. Still waiting to hear back from pitchfork lol. We would love to come to Chicago and see a show at the Jackalope Theater + play a few club dates. There’s a couple of teenagers who picked up our record I hear, and are stirring the pot. Summer is going to be good.

We love the band’s answer to “What are your influences,” (“We are often under the influence of several things”) so we have a better one since we are Binge Magazine.
What are 3 things the band loves to binge on and could binge on forever? No consequences whatsoever.

Great question. Our original ulterior motive for touring was to sample the great cheeses of the world. Then there was talk of a mediteranean food tour. With a handful of guys in the group the list is endless. But I for one would love to be able to eat meals like Jabba the Hutt without feeling turkey-stuffed




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