Dutch Party Howls To Imagination

After taking the last six months off to write an album, Dutch Party is pleased to share with you their video for Howl, originally released on Kitsune’s America 4 compilation, as well as their new single entitled Lost Boy, both premiered by The FADER. Dutch Party’s new music is much more layered, and melodic than their original EP, Astral Nights, and touts a very strong narrative on today’s sociological and political happenings. Of his new single, lead singer Ken Franklin says:

“The term Lost Boy is on one level an homage to Peter Pan, referring to the gang of boys who never grow up. I got to thinking, ‘what if that was happening in real life, kids that never grow up?’ and that’s where the song began. At first glance, the tune suggests that huge swaths of people have checked-out of society, glazing over the real issues in favor of empty daily musings. Technology is really good at making people dismiss the reality of their own lives. I’m really into science fiction, which really started as a sneaky way of talking smack about your government. Part of me feels like we’re teetering. It’s like that moment when you decide to have one more drink or head home. If you have that last drink you’ll be smashed. The world is nearing that point, ‘Should I keep getting fucked up or go home?” I still think there’s a chance right now to turn everything around, but it’s getting down to that last drink.”


Already having released two singles, an EP, a bonus track through Kitsune and music videos featuring Sione Maraschino and Holland Roden just within the past year, Dutch Party sets its sights higher in 2016, with an upcoming release schedule of more socially and politically motivated songs that is downright prolific. Connecting with those individuals who are growing increasingly frustrated with the way of the world, listeners may find inspiration in Dutch Party’s poignant lyrics and pleasing melodies; bobbing their heads to the easy-to-like music, before stepping outside and molding their own world.

Originally from San Francisco, and completely self taught, lead singer and guitarist for Dutch Party, Ken Franklin, writes, records and produces all of the band’s music. Balancing styles that exist at different ends of the spectrum, Franklin has developed a unique sound perfectly suited for the analog-meets-digital generation. Key influences include: The Beatles, David Bowie, Lee Scratch Perry, LCD Soundsystem and Bob Dylan.

Dutch Party is looking to fill a gap in the market in 2016, releasing music that is substantial and meaningful. The band will be releasing one single every month through April when they will release their second EP. Full length album to be released later this year. Tour dates, and other exciting happenings, to be announced. – Kayleigh Rocheck

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