David Kirsch Offers A Personalized and Effective Workout

Celebrity Fitness Trainer David Kirsh has helped transform some of the most impressive bodies in Hollywood including Liv Tyler, Kate Upton, and J. Lo. David is a huge believer in not only maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself but for the entire family as well. In his book, Ultimate Family Wellness, he shares easy ways to get everyone on track regardless of how busy or hectic your schedule might be.

Take a look at what A-listers are saying about the book!

“David’s message is very real, accessible and timely. We live in a world that is so fast-paced and frenetic and often don’t find time to ‘organically’ connect with our family. …here’s a guy that gets it. Although he is devoted to his business and many clients, his family is his first priority. Throughout the book, the photographs of David, Emilia and Francesca cooking, exercising and just having fun, send a powerful message to parents everywhere. Good health and family wellness is easily accessible for all. I recommend this book for anyone, who, like me, wants the Ultimate Wellness Family. The time is now!” – From the Foreword by Jennifer Lopez

“I have worked with and known David for over three years and consider him not only my fitness/wellness guru but more importantly, my trusted friend. No matter your age or physique, David’s new book, Ultimate Family Wellness, can help you get results and look and feel your best without sacrificing time with your friends and family. It worked for me. It can work for you. I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with his daughters Emilia and Francesca – both in and out of the gym and have seen how David has so beautifully taught and exposed them to a healthy (and fun) lifestyle. On a lighter note, Francesca can still kick my butt when it comes to pushups. I have also been a guest at one of his sumptuous Thanksgiving family and friends dinner and can vouch for his fine culinary acumen. It was one of the healthiest, most delicious home cooked meals I have ever eaten!”- Kate Upton

David Kirsch has taken his experience as both a single dad and a world-renowned trainer and crafted a program that will help both families and individuals
reshape their futures with simple, fun and easy-to- follow changes. Regardless of age or body type, David Kirsch’s Family Wellness offers a lifetime of health and fitness!

Binge Magazine got a taste of David’s training by joining him for a summer-ready workout that can easily be replicated at home. So whether your summer involves a lot of traveling or none Kirsch’s workouts will leave you armed with simple yet effective moves to keep your body strong and toned.


For more information on David Kirsch and his workouts visit: https://davidkirschwellness.com/

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