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Daniel Danger: “The Woman in Black”

With only a limited number of prints, it seemed as though fans of Daniel Danger were waiting eagerly and intensely behind their computer screens to try and score his “The Woman in Black” poster. As I signed onto Daniels facebook page, where he has almost 4,000 fans, I saw comments such as “I just watched my roommate in a panic trying to order your “Woman in Black” print… I really hope she received one. It was pretty intense.”

Not only were these being sold online, but there was actually a contest where only three prints were being given away. “It does seem crazy to me that my posters are selling out so quickly. It’s cool to see the fans getting this excited, it makes me excited” says Daniel when asked about his feelings on his work selling out so quickly. It is clear to see the passion in Daniels work and the dedication he puts into each and every piece of artwork he does. “It was also really cool because they sent me a copy of the movie a few weeks ago, I had really wanted to see it and I got the chance to really connect with the movie for the poster,” says Danger. He tells us that he was raised around art, with his parent’s both being involved in the arts, and laughs while saying “Art is the only thing I’m good at, I’m not good at anything else. If I wasn’t doing art, I don’t know what I would do. I guess I could work in food service, but I’m not good at that either.”

Daniels’ work, he explains, is inspired a lot around the outside, the mystery of bringing back the not-so-forgotten memories. “I actually lived in the woods at one point in my life,” he mentions, with his parents both being artists, they moved around a lot and all of these experiences help him mesh the ideas into beautiful, in-depth artwork. “If someone asked me to have something done for them by tomorrow, I just couldn’t do it. So much detail goes into my art that I have to really take time and concentrate.”

In today’s day in age, I think it is remarkable to see a young talent who still takes to painting over computerized illustrations. Daniels’ work is definitely one of a kind, it actually engulfs you into believing you are there. It is captivating and really makes your mind wander to a different place.

Although he can’t tell us just yet what he has in store for his next projects, we look forward to seeing the next amazing piece of work he produces!

For more information on Daniel and to view his work, visit

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