Cure Your Hangover…The Binge Way

Since it’s inevitable that some of you will be waking up miserable tomorrow due to the St. Patty’s day festivities, we are here to help you recover from those nasty hangover symptoms and get you to a good state of mind for the work week.

Most hangovers come from long nights of drinking, loud noise, bad mistakes, terrible food, and possibly weird/awkward situations you may or may not remember. Listen, we’ve all been there before and there is no shame. Here are some quick tips and tricks to get you back on your feet the next day so you don’t waste your Sunday Funday on your death bed.

Wake up and drink as much water or any hydrating drinks as soon as possible!
As you are slowly opening your eyes and trying to remember what exactly happened and how you ended up where you are… take a walk to the nearest kitchen or bathroom and get some water immediately. Look, you just drank more alcohol than you probably wanted to and now you are suffering from dehydration and it sucks so try to drink as much water as you can, then refill your cup and take it back to your bed and sleep it off. Try to set an alarm for every 45 minutes to drink some more water. This should help your body hydrate quicker and gain energy by taking these short naps instead of long deep sleeps. Between one of those 45 minute sessions you may wake up and realize you are not tired any more and possibly could start your day and actually enjoy it.

Shower! Clean yo self!
You just partied like it was 1999 and you really have no idea who you touched, felt, licked, kissed or slept with. Shower it all off! Rather than taking a hot shower immediately, take a cooler/warmer shower than usual…especially if it is in the summer. Let your body get the cooling breeze it needs since it is so dehydrated. After a minute or two, turn the knob to your warmer temperature so you can really wash off that stank.

Don’t just eat whatever.
You most likely ate god knows what last night so give your body a break and eat something more refreshing and easy on the stomach. We know you are dying for a bagel with cheese, bacon and egg with a hot coffee and a hash brown but hold off on all that until you give your body some quality nutrients first. We aren’t saying make yourself a fruit salad but get some orange juice or preferably an actual orange or some type of fresh fruit in you to slowly show your stomach you actually care about it since you totally treated it like shit last night.

Depending how rough your night was… get active quickly.
If you are able to walk around the house for 10 minutes, then think about maybe walking outside to get some fresh air. Maybe put the running shoes on and take a light jog over to the park, gym or even do some yoga and sweat that hangover out. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and drink a lot while you are working out too. This may be the best thing for you to really to make yourself feel better for at least the remainder of the day. Think about it. You get a solid workout in, shed those bad calories you put on last night and when you get home you can just relax and be ready to get after it on Monday for the work week.

What the hell…drink some more!
Ok, so you don’t really care for tomorrow or the next day or even the day after that… Maybe you are unemployed? Maybe you don’t care about your body? Maybe you are on vacation? Maybe you have an incredible immune system and it can handle anything. We have no idea but hey if you feel like crap already you might as well try to fix it with more booze.

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