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Creating Opportunity via Social Media

Creating Opportunity via Social Media

By: Jessica Vacco

Opportunity is where you create it, not where you find it. A much too common assumption in today’s society is that because people hear “there is no opportunity” they, instead of finding their passions and creating it, just give up.

Craigslist is an internet site that most of us use on a daily basis, but in the last few weeks or so, I’ve come across a handful of people who aren’t aware of how it can be used. Most of us spend too much of our time on facebook, so much so, that everyone on facebook knows our every move. So why is it that we can’t transform our personal pages on these sites to reflect ways we can create an opportunity or better yet, a job for ourselves? The answer: we’re just too lazy, or we don’t take the time to learn to utilize them the correct way. I find that a simple way to get your voice heard or market yourself tend to get surpassed by the drunken statuses and pictures we put up. In this article, I will tell you ways to create opportunity for yourself simply by using these internet sites.

Craigslist: How many of you have used craigslist to FIND a job? Probably a good amount. Now, it is time for you to use craigslist to advertise yourself. Anyone can post an ad on craigslist, so why not take advantage of it. Whether you have 20 years of experience in labor, 1 year of experience in marketing, or no experience at all; we can all utilize the site to advertise exactly what we have to offer. Just because the economy is bad and people aren’t hiring, doesn’t mean companies, big and small, have stopped using employees. They just find them a different way. A lot of employers try to hire on a need be basis nowadays, which basically means you are a freelance worker, but isn’t that better than nothing? In my eyes, I believe this is a blessing because if you can freelance enough with different companies you begin to gain knowledge and experiences that you wouldn’t get by staying at the same company day in and day out, or even better, if you work hard enough, the same company will keep calling you back until eventually they offer you something permanent. If you have a talent, you can market one-on-one lessons, classes or even group classes. I see that every day people post music classes, sports classes, fitness classes, art classes, etc.

Facebook: I know a few hiring managers at different companies who still use facebook to “view” a potential candidate. I’m not saying you can’t have pictures of yourself having fun, but you should limit the belligerently drunk photos, or the photos of you showing a little too much of yourself. Also, instead of updating your status 16 times in one hour, utilize that time to “subscribe” to CEO’s of companies you are interested in working for. It is a great way to see the inside scoop to what they do day in and day out.

LinkedIn: Most of the young generation believes LinkedIn is for the older generation. I find that completely false. If used the right way, LinkedIn can be one of the most effective networking tools. Refrain from posting any provocative or trashy photos of yourself. Use your “connecting” wisely, and try to write a sentence or two informing the person you are connecting with, why you would like to connect with them; personalize it.

Twitter: Twitter is a great way to bluntly send your work to people whom you’d like to view it. Use it wisely, just like every other networking site, and it can be a huge door opener. Twitter can be the happy medium between Facebook and LinkedIn. It doesn’t get too personal because people can really only view what you write, not what others write to you, but you can update it with your personal feelings and such. You can also link your personal websites, and portfolios to catch someone’s eye.

Hopefully these small tips will help you transform your personal pages into personal networking pages that will help you get your foot in the door to where you want to be. Remember, even on the internet, first impressions are everything

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