Crank NYC: New York City’s Standout Studio

Cycle studios have been widely popular for a while now, but more so than ever, they’ve become a lifestyle. Whether you think you just want to try it out, or you’re ready to set goals for yourself, it’s safe to say the adreneline rush from cycle classes are addictive–in a good way! In a city like New York, it’s hard to pinpoint the best of the best anything, but lucky for us, we were able to pinpoint a studio unlike the rest. Allow us to introduce you to Crank NYC.

Crank NYC offers the following classes, but it’ll be hard to pick just one! All classes are instructed by dedicated and passionate instructors, something that also sets Crank apart from the rest.

Crank Strength
A ride designed to mirror the experience of road biking. Crank Strength classes challenge you to push through your limits through a series of sprints and climbs. Crank Strength is designed to make you leave each class feeling fitter and stronger than ever before.

Crank Power
A hybrid ride, drawing on elements of both road riding and choreographed classes to ensure a killer, beat-driven work out. Crank Power rides involve interval-based work, strong climbs, jumps, and a weight series for a full-body work out.

Crank Exhilarate
A full-body, choreographed ride focusing on endurance. Crank Exhilarate is a musically driven, all out cardio ride, using moves in and out of the saddle and weight-based upper body work to keep you working hard and sweating from beginning to end.

Crank Theme Ride
Get ready to ride and sweat to the songs you love. It’s Theme ride so anything could happen. A riders request ride that has been tailored for the ultimate burn. All levels welcome. Get ready to sing and ride your butt off!

Crank X
Taking Crank to whole other level! Get your blood pumping in an intense, interval driven 15 minutes of cycling followed immediately after with 45 minutes of high intensity interval training.

Crank Beast
90 Minute Crank Beast will take you to the next level of endurance and fitness.

What sets Crank apart from other studios in NYC?

Our community! We at Crank believe that all our clients are family and that we change lives in all aspects of life.


We love the personality from all of your instructors- it’s clear to see they love what they do! When putting the idea of Crank together, was picking the right instructors an important part of the process?

Absolutely! We wanted a variety of instructors with great personalities who could bring the energy while challenging and inspiring their riders. We believe in safety as well as creating a non-intimidating environment. Crank instructors are well trained in their craft whether they are a Strength, Power, or Exhilarate ride. It is our goal to provide variety while encouraging riders to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

You’ve quickly made your mark on NYC fitness. In a city that thrives on fitness, how do you stay humble and inspired?

Our clients inspire and motivate us. We love talking to them about their journey and love seeing them better their lives. We have multiple clients that have lost upwards of 90lbs! For instance a client started at Crank with high blood pressure, about 30 lbs. over weight and stress through the roof. After a year at Crank he went to see his Doctor for his annual checkup and the Doctor asked what are you doing? Your health has completely done a 180. He told his doctor he was doing CrankNYC Cycling Studio. The next day he came into our studio and handed our Master Instructor, Ellie Eagle, a prescription from his doctor to do more CrankNYC. So our success is our client’s success!


If you could describe Crank in 3 words, what would they be?

Dedicated, inspiring and welcoming.

How does it feel to know that your work at Crank helps people be the best version of themselves?

The feeling is overwhelming and the best feeling in the world! The staff, the instructors and even our maintenance team love what they do so when we see our clients improving their overall health it reaffirms our long hours of dedication to them.

What is the best part about what you do?

Seeing the difference that we make in people’s lives every single day.


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