Cozy Slow Cooker Cocktails for Holiday Entertaining: Recipe and Tips!

The holidays are all about celebrating and the time flies when you’re having fun! Don’t get caught up in cooking that you forget to live in the moment. With this slow cooker caramel apple cider recipe, you’ll be able to enjoy each get together to the fullest … and still impress the crowd!

Thanks to Pinnacle® Vodka and author and lifestyle influencer, Courtney Whitmore of Pizzazzerie, you’ll be the host with the most this holiday season! And if apple cider isn’t your thing, try out some other fancy recipes with Courtney’s tips below.

Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider
8 parts Pinnacle® Original Vodka
7 cups apple cider
8 parts caramel syrup
2 teaspoons ground cloves
2 tablespoons cinnamon
¼ cup brown sugar
Apples for garnish

Preparation: Combine ingredients in slow cooker and cook on low for 3 hours. Garnish with sliced apples and a drizzle of caramel. Add lots of apple slices floating in your slow cooker for visual presentation and extra flavor.

Double Duty Cocktails – The best part about slow cooker cocktails is that they work double time. They ensure cocktails are ready to go but also make any home smell amazing for the season. Depending on the cocktail, add spices such as cinnamon, peppercorns and star anise, to play with flavors and scents. Once guests arrive, they can also add ingredients as they please.

Be Mindful of Ingredients – While it’s tempting to add all slow cooker ingredients in at the same time, there is such a thing as letting items cook for too long. Consider adding ingredients, such as award-winning Pinnacle® Original Vodka, towards the end of the cooking process to ensure the spirit doesn’t get cooked out. Bitter flavors can also start to come out of certain ingredients – especially for lemons and oranges – so be sure to remove those ingredients from the batch once they become fragrant.

Better In Bundles – If your crocktail recipe calls for using citrus peels or whole spices, like cloves or cinnamon sticks, bundle them up in cheesecloth so guests don’t get any unwanted fragments in their drink. Tea balls are also a great substitute for cheesecloths.

Cold or Hot – Crocktail recipes are versatile and are also great when served cold, so consider serving it both ways. For cold concoctions, prep in a pitcher with ice for a chilled version so each guest can determine their preference for hot or cold.

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