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Confessions of a Binge Cleaner

We all have to clean house once in a while and some of us hate it and some of us love it. We compiled the dirty list of those frustrating moments where your bucket breaks, your unexpected guest tracks in mud on your newly mopped floor and everything in between, making your chores take twice as long. Have a laugh and let us know your most frustrating cleaning mess!

Empty Vacuum canister is full and now YOU have to empty it.
(While emptying this, your already swept floor is now graced with dust particles
that didn’t make it into the garbage can.) Suck on this, Mr. Vacuum!


Pile of crap that you just swept up with the broom, flies away or someone steps on it (including the dogs running through it and disrespectfully taunting you as they run past)…Now you have to sweep it again.

You just finished wiping down the windows or the counters and 3 minutes after it dries, the smear marks appear and forces you to wipe down again. You actually stand there to make sure it doesn’t show smear marks again. Usually the third time’s a charm!

Minutes after cleaning the bathroom, someone’s dinner has finally settled and let’s just say…the toilet is no longer clean.

As you bask in the glory of your sparkly clean counters, dishes and stove top…someone decides that that time is the best time to start cooking. This isn’t just a simple peanut and butter sandwich either, we are talking full on Food Channel network type stuff.

Dust that stays attached to the broom no matter how much you shake it to get it off. Enough said.

You are about to mop the floors and you notice the last person who used the mop didn’t wash it down, therefor you don’t trust it and won’t use it to mop your floors. (Is that smell dog pee? Old milk? Sick.)

Your vacuum cable is all tangled up and you refuse to untangle it because you didn’t do it, and now you are too pissed off to even start accusing people in the house. You think the worst is over, but it’s just the beginning. Since the cable is tangled, that means the cable is now too short and you forget to think about that… It unplugs and you are now forced to go plug it back in and as you do that your vacuum turns back on scaring the crap out of you since you forgot to push the off button. You are now really pissed off.

Immediately after you just clean someone decides to double check your work. After realizing your work wasn’t good enough you now just go half ass in cleaning and allow that person to do the work themselves.

You can never reach those dust bunnies under the bed, couch or counter so you refuse to do go the extra mile to get them and instead, you just push it further underneath the couch so you never see it again when you walk by.

You forgot about that mysterious sticky substance when you mopped earlier and now that you already put everything away, you expect the sticky shit to just go away on its own. Somehow, someway it goes away.

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