Coffee with Katherine: Eva’s Cafe (Chicago)

One aspect of a daily routine that unites us whether we are up early for a class, heading to the office or rushing to rehearsal — coffee. While Chicago is not necessarily known as coffee central of America, it certainly should not be considered a coffee novice town. However, with the plethora of coffee shops located throughout the city it can be difficult to find one worthy of visiting time and time again — until now.

Eva’s Cafe, a coffee shop in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, has all the fixings of a quality coffee shop without the intimidating theme that pegs some of Chicago’s coffee stops. When you walk in the door, you immediately feel as though you have entered someone’s home. The cafe has comfortable, mix-matched tables and chairs organized throughout the cafe, paintings on the walls, wifi, and last but not least, a fireplace. The ambiance is ideal for catching up on work, chatting with a friend or a long study session. Tucked away on Sedgwick St., there is not a lot of foot traffic throughout the cafe, leaving a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

Of course, the home-like ambiance is not the only reason why Eva’s Cafe should be at the top of your go-to list. Serving Chicago-based Intelligentsia Coffee, both coffee snobs and coffee newbies will find their niche at this cafe. The menu lists a variety of delicious coffee and tea beverages, sandwiches, soups and sweet treats.

The next time your are considering a place for lunch, hop on the Brown line and take a visit to Eva’s Cafe at 1447 N. Sedgwick, in Old Town. Go for a sandwich and then stay for a coffee and dessert — you won’t regret it!

Binge Recommends: Turkey Pesto sandwich, a Macchiato and a Cupcake
Head to Eva’s to Binge on: Doing Work, Studying or Catching Up with a Friend
Ambiance: Calm, Comfortable, Homey
Perks: Wifi, Reasonable Prices, Quality Products, Comfortable Seating

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