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The owner and mastermind of Dollop Coffee Company, Dan Weiss, successfully transformed the original Dollop Coffee Bar into a blossoming business of six (soon to be seven) unique Dollop coffee shops over the span of ten years. Whether you are in the South loop or on route to Evanston, chances are a Dollop Coffee shop is near. Every separate shop has its own design, reflective of the neighborhood.

While each individual location maintains its own identity through decor and clientele, one commonality amongst the shops is the element of transparency during the coffee crafting process. The coffee company features the Modbar style. The Modbar design opens the boundary between barista and customer. The customer can watch the barista’s handiwork, adding to the overall coffee experience. Weiss hopes that individuals feel comfortable asking the baristas questions about coffee or anything at all.

With an extensive menu consisting of coffee, tea, pastry, breakfast and sandwich options, Dollop offers a satisfying experience for all. Breakfast and lunch lovers can choose from a number of creative sandwich options. The impressive pastry selection is another point of interest for visitors to Dollop. The fresh, flavorful sweet and savory treats on display (i.e. scones, pie, cookies, croissants) are created and baked in partnership with Hoosier Mama Pie Company. Dollop Bakeshop, an addition to the coffee company, is set to open this month in Ukrainian Village. Metropolis coffee, a Chicago roaster, is the coffee company’s brew of choice. In addition to their wide selection of standard coffee and tea drinks, the company offers several specialty options. Dollop’s specialty latte creations (i.e. Nutella Mocha, Honey Cinnamon Latte) are often featured across social media — Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Steering away from the current ‘hip’ trends of independent coffee shops, Weiss managed to create a go-to destination for a genuine mix of clientele including business individuals, bloggers, college students, serious and not-so-serious coffee drinkers. According to Weiss, “there is no need for a background in coffee to have a good experience.”

Visitors can look forward to an inviting, comfortable atmosphere at each of the Dollop Coffee establishments (Buena Park, Lakeview, Streeterville, Evanston, Downtown and Gold Coast). The perks of coffee shops (simplicity, good work environment, meeting destination) encompass the ambiance of Dollop Coffee Company. Hours vary by location; details can be found on their website,

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