Coffee Chat with Katherine: Caffe Streets

The name of the game is coffee and Wicker Park’s independent coffee shop, Caffe Streets, is playing its best right now. Independent coffee shops have gradually been popping up in all areas of Chicago from Lakeview to Humboldt Park. Wicker Park is no different. Caffe Streets has successfully maintained a comforting coffee shop presence, just west of the Division Blue Line stop, for just over five years. While perfecting their craft of beverage options including everything from the standard drip coffee to an equally delightful cortado, Caffe Streets has become a destination for morning meets, study sessions, and continuous chit chat.

With a cool, knowledgeable staff it is no wonder that Caffe Streets has established themselves as both a neighborhood spot and a destination location for people outside of Wicker Park. Manager Scott Southard, a veteran employee of four years, appreciates the “community feel” and equated the atmosphere to that of a “morning bar.” Southard stressed the focus on community, recognizing the regulars and ensuring a positive, upbeat space for people to meet and hangout. Describing the holistic experience as “really rewarding” when people come in and can call the staff by name and/or recognize someone they know. And in case that vibe is not evident enough, their white coffee cups have the motto: DRINK LOCAL LIVE SOCIAL written around the rim.

Despite the low level of foot traffic around the location, the constant customer presence in their shop is a testament to the friendly staff and quality coffee. The hustle of the morning commute gradually turns into a calmer afternoon group of casual walk-ins with open books and laptops. In addition to coffee, their menu is complete with tea, juice and breakfast options including oatmeal, pastries, and granola. It is worth noting that their croissants and scones are baked fresh every morning, Southard proudly added, “We make ‘em. We do it all!” The shop serves the coffee of their sister company, Metric Coffee Co. as well as the occasional Midwest coffee roaster, for example, Blueprint Coffee (St. Louis, MO) and Kin-Kin Coffee (Madison, WI).

Caffe Streets provides an open space with earth-tones, big windows, bright lighting and wooden decor. Several single seats are spaced along the walls in addition to two community tables placed in the center of the establishment. Located at 1750 W. Division Street, Caffe Streets is open everyday 7 AM until 7 PM. On your next visit, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to the staff and don’t be surprised if they remember your name.

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