Chef’s Table at Tanta- Aventura Culinaria

You may remember our Let’s Dish feature on Tanta where we introduced you to the Peruvian staple in Chicago…if not, check it out here.

Tanta believes in the power of a meal and thrives on the aspect bringing friends and family closer by sharing food and making memories. Although brunch is not a normal Peruvian tradition, Tanta has taken a leap and brought brunch to Chicago. Being served family-style on Sunday’s only, Tanta’s brunch menu is expanding as people flock to taste the items Chef de Cuisine Jesus Delgado has put together, and for good reason.

Adding to this and showing the impressive authentic qualities that Chef Jesus Delgado brings to Tanta, he is now launching a Chef’s Table dining experience at Tanta called “Aventura Culinaria” on March 1, where guests can enjoy a nine-course dinner featuring off-the-menu dishes.

During this one of a kind dinner, guests can enjoy both family-style and individually plated dishes showcasing the three main food regions of the county – Andean Highlands, the Amazon Jungle, and the Coastline. Additionally, each creation incorporates the international culinary influences in Peruvian cuisine such as Spain, Italy, China, Japan, and Africa.
Sample dishes include:
1) From the Andes: Whole lamb shoulder with Peruvian potatoes pachmanca-style, quinoa polenta and picante de trigo

2) From the Amazon: Whole fish wrapped and cooked in banana leaves with yucca and wild cilantro

3) From Chincha – South of Lima: Crispy pork shank of carapulcra cream and huacatay sauce

“Offering dishes that are typically unavailable on our regular dinner menu allows guests to enjoy a completely different side of Peruvian cuisine,” Chef Delgado says. “Aventura Culinaria is our way of celebrating the diversity of the country’s renowned food and invites guests explore Peru in a more intimate setting.”

The Aventura Culinaria Chef’s Table experience is priced at $80 per person, exclusive of tax and gratuity, and must be reserved with a credit card. Optional beverage pairings are available for an additional $50 per person. Two Chef’s Tables, seating up to ten each, are available to reserve individually or can be combined to accommodate groups up to 20. Two seating times are available – both an early and late. To reserve Aventura Culinaria, please contact Events Manager Lucy Kendall at 312.222.9604 or email

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