Celebrate Mother’s Day with Embeya’s Supermom, Komal Patel

With Mother’s Day fresh in our minds, most of us our consumed with thoughts of Motherhood. What does it mean? Are we doing a good job? Did I thank my Mom enough? What does Mom can I do to show my thanks? To get your mind off of those sporadic thoughts, no matter how innocent they are, we welcome Embeya’s Komal Patel as a #Bingewothy Mother. Komal shares her tips for juggling Motherhood, in hopes you will be able to embrace them in your own life.

Not only is Komal the director of sales and marketing at the West Loop restaurant she owns and operates with her husband, Attila Gyulai, but she was named one of Chicago’s most stylish women, regularly contributes to local charity initiatives, continues to remain in tip-top shape albeit becoming a mother just several months ago (after working until the very night she gave birth!), and has another little one on the way!

Have mother/daughter time: I wake up at 6 a.m. every morning with my Daughter Paloma, and it’s our time to be in the moment together. It’s mommy/baby time, and nothing comes in the way of that; not Dad, not work calls, not vendors dropping in unannounced, not emails to answer, and definitely not TV. Although Paloma comes to work with me from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., this two hour window in the morning allows me to be with her in a meaningful way. It’s the best part of our day and essential for us to bond and connect with each other.

Take a break for yourself every day: I take at least an hour-and-a-half break for myself every day, whether it be for a high intensity workout or a yoga class followed by a good steam/sauna session. My Husband, Attila, and I started to do this two years ago when we were getting burnt out from working 14 hour days, 6 days a week. This little mid-afternoon break between lunch and dinner service at our restaurant has been a tremendous lifesaver for me as an individual, a wife, a business partner, and as a Mom. Not to mention, it helps me stay in shape and mentally focused!

Make Sunday a fun day: Most weeks my Husband and I have one day off: Sunday. We spend the morning with our daughter Paloma who is now 7-months-old. Once 3 p.m. hits, we leave Paloma with her best friend, our sitter, Rebecca, and find something fun to do. Last week we snuck in and out of several parties as part of the pre-James Beard Foundation awards celebrations. The week before that, we took in ‘Dior and I’ at Music Box theatre over a couple of glasses of cheap wine, and three weeks ago we immersed ourselves in the intensely emotional theatre play called ‘The Herd’ at Steppen Wolf Theatre. Come rain or shine, we never fail to make Sundays special for our family, and for each other.

Plan a vacation every quarter: Whether it’s a road trip getaway with close friends to Camp Wandawaga in Wisconsin, or a 4-hour plane ride to our favourite sunny destination—Puerto Morelos in Mexico—having a little holiday and time to disconnect from our demanding life and the business of running a 150-seat restaurant works magically to restore the most tired of brains, and gives us something to look forward to. We return full of fresh ideas and zeal, and are ready to work at it all over again.

Do a little bit each day, instead of everything on one day: When it comes to housekeeping and all other errands such as groceries, dry cleaning pick-up, etc., I opt to do something every day instead of doing it all on one day. This makes it less overwhelming, and leaves plenty of time for fun when we finally have a day to be together. I am also a big fan of Google Express and Amazon Prime, both for home and for Embeya. I can shop from the comfort of my bed at 3 a.m. and get all necessary basics delivered to my home and business FOR FREE! How novel!


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