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Let’s Dish: Bottlefork

If dinner meetings weren’t the best thing anyway, dinner meetings at Bottlefork are my new favorite thing. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting with two wonderful people at Chicago’s newest hot spot, Bottlefork.

“Bottlefork, from Rockit Ranch Productions partners Billy Dec, Brad Young and Arturo Gomez, and former Four Seasons Executive Chef Kevin Hickey, is a comfortably stylish New American bar and kitchen offering modern interpretations of both familiar and new American dishes that feature local and global ingredients. The food and beverage programs work together seamlessly at Bottlefork with an emphasis on all things seasonal. Bottlefork is located at 441 N Clark in River North Chicago and open for lunch, brunch and dinner. For hours, more information or reservations, please visit or call 312.955.1900. Follow us on Facebook or on Instagram and Twitter at @Bottlefork.”

Not only was the food amazing, but the service that accompanied it was impeccable. They truly knew and loved the foods they were serving. With detailed descriptions on everything, including the kegged Rosé, not a single item ordered was a disappointment. Now, the only thing I can say was that I think I ate WAY too much, but it was a meal I did not feel guilty about in the least bit.

Munching on the “Bag” of Crisps + Eggs made me a happy lady, but it was what came after that I fell so madly in love with…

I’m a big salad lover, so it’s no surprise that two of my favorite items were the Kale Caesar Salad, and the Mediterranean Salad- let’s stop right there- a salad with olives, hummus and a huge brick of saganaki cheese- is this serious?! Yes, like this was not enough, it was the grilled octopus and smoked lamb ribs that really had me hooked. Not to mention the Soft Serve Strawberry Rhubarb + Short Bread Cookie Crumble Sundae. Can I go back RIGHT NOW?

If you do one night out this Summer, let it be to Bottlefork. Enjoy one of the only places in Chicago that has keg wine, and I guarantee whatever you try on the menu will be delicious!

Click below for a full menu!
BottleFork_DINNER_NEW LAYOUT_6.3 (1)

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