Bose’s Soundlink Mini II Transforms the Way You Binge on Music

Thank you Bose for sponsoring this post and providing us with a free SoundLink Mini II. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Bose all content and opinions expressed here are our own.

Binge Magazine’s mission is to provide quality content and to encourage our Binge community to “binge” on the good in life. This opportunity with Bose opened up doors to one of the things we focus on a lot: Music. Whether you’re listening to famous artists, or your twelve year old nieces new recording, all talent deserve to be heard on a device that highlights big sound – with deep bass – for a full-range listening experience.

A huge part of what makes the Soundlink Mini II an ideal device is it’s lightweight portability. We thrive on finding inspiration wherever we go, and music seems to be a big part of that. Whether you’re taking your sketchbook down to the beach, taking your dogs on a long walk, or simply catching some fresh air on the balcony, good sound should never be hard to find. The Soundlink Mini II takes you on a journey to focus on what really matters in life.

Bose has brought a new way to discover sound.

Beyond music, we Binge on our Soundlink Mini II to watch our favorite movies and shows. Again, the easy hook up allows us to transfer from spot to spot with no hassle.


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