Bose Presents: DROPPIN’ SCIENCE with Mark Ronson

Thank you Bose for sponsoring this post and providing us with a free SoundLink Mini II. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Bose all content and opinions expressed here are our own.

“Music Monday” at Binge Magazine has grown to be a staple on our site, one that people come back weekly to check out, and it’s our goal to continue growing the music scene on our site. Thanks to Bose, Music Monday just got ten times better thanks to their new Soundlink Mini II.

Binge Magazine thrives on celebrating all things in life that inspire, including music and finding inspiration in every day life. That’s why not all of our thinking is done at a desk, and Bose Soundlink Mini II gives us the opportunity to travel with good sound and find inspiration wherever we may end up. After getting tangled up with random wires, carrying around large speakers, getting confused with instructions, and losing remotes to adjust sound, it became apparent that our Music Monday testings needed an upgrade, one that only the Bose Soundlink Mini II was able to fulfill.

Upon receiving Bose Soundlink Mini II, the transition from box to music was easy. Our goal each week with Music Monday is to bring a new sound to your ears, which is why quality sound is so important to us. We choose from all genres of music, and this small box sends out big sound with deep bass and concert like sound. Instead of telling co-workers to click on a link to listen to a song, we were simply able to raise up the volume so the entire office could hear the clear sound of the artist. This is just one reason we are encouraging our readers to #BingeOnBose with the Soundlink Mini II.

One of our favorite parts of the Soundlink Mini II is the wireless, bluetooth capability and rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours. The light weight, ultra compact speaker makes it easy to commute with- whether walking, biking, or taking the train.

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