Borris Powell: The Power of Fashion

Fashion has always been a strong force, a way to define yourself and a way to bring joy to peoples lives. This proved truer than ever at this years St.Jude Red Carpet for Hope event, when the very talented Borris Powell designed a custom dress for Kate, an extremely strong and inspirational St.Jude patient. Borris showcased Kate’s strong will and joy in a dress that made her smile from ear to ear. It’s proof that Powell puts his passion in fashion.

“I love working with organizations that focus on helping others. It has always been important for me to work with others and to give back. I have been told ‘no’ a ton of times in my life and I know what it is to struggle and what it’s like to need others. The experience of working with Kate was better than amazing. She’s such a delight and she has the will of a Lion. She inspired me and I’m grateful for St. Jude for bringing our lives together,” says Powell

We heard you enjoyed sneaking into your living room as a child to play with the sewing machine, do you have particular story that you can share with us about your experience doing that all those years?

Haha…Thanks for surfacing those memories. Most of them were days of my mother spanking me because I was not allowed to play with her sewing machine. It was against the rules for little boys to sew, but I found my ways of playing with the machine and not getting caught. I just took a few spankings, age, and of course the will to never give up. No matter what.

There are so many fashion forward cities, what was it that landed you in Chicago?

Yes, there are a load of Fashion forward cities outside of Chicago, but I credit Chicago for being the place that I “first found myself.” I met my first Fashion Designer here, my first love, learned how to operate my first sewing macine, and I finally found a city that I felt 100% comfortable to be me. Chicago embraced me and gave me the platform to grow to what I’ve become today. The City has been good to me.

What is your honest opinion on current Chicagoans sense of fashion?

Haha. “Are you trying to get me in trouble?” I believe that there’s a lot of style here in Chicago, but at the same time, there’s not much risk taken here. We have a long why to go. As a whole I don’t find the city to be that opened minded with pushing the Fashion Bar. People play it too safe here. Black and Grey are the norm. I’m beginning to see the girls wearing bright tights and a full tulle skirt and rocking it with a ripped T, or a Denim Jacket. A guy in a pair of Pink or Red Pants and a Ruffle Button Down and a Bright Colored Bag. This is how great Fashion starts to change the energy in a city…

Trends come and go as years pass, was there a specific trend you loved or would love to bring back to experiment with?

I have never been the one for trends. Not even as a child growing up did I “truly” follow trends. And today, I softly pay attention to them. I like to do as I see fit doing. If I feel that if a person feels like rocking an 80’s trend, ROCK on honey. Life is too short, so I encourage us all to live the life that we wake up in that day. And that’s the beauty with Fashion, it can take you anywhere you want to go.

What do you have planned for the 2015 year? Events? Fashion Shows?

There’s so much going on with expanding my brand. I’m working on my own show about The Life of an Independent Fashion Designer and the Highs and Lows. I’ve been Named the Creative Director of Fashion for the new Anticipated Show called SEX + LOVE. Releasing my F/W 2015 collection Titled “Ride Alone” on March 13th. Planning a few more Trunk Shows in other major cities throughout the US & I’ve also just launched this year a stain resistant garment. I’m the first that can offer this on the Luxury Brand Level. My clients have the option of protecting there garments from stains. If you’re out and about and someone spills on you and you have protected it with me, no worries you are safe to carry on with your night. Now let’s take over the Fashion world a few garments at a time.

More on Borris Powells F/W 2015 Collection, “Ride Alone”
Missing the days when fashion wasn’t about the props, when it was about people that enjoyed dressing up because it was a Life Style. I’ve decided to take it back to the Simple and Good Old Days. My very 1st Private showcase ever. “Ride Alone F/W 2015″ This collection is designed for the strong individual. You’re ok with making your own choices. You salute Individuality. A person that appreciates the finer things in life is never afraid to be an individual.

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