Best 90’s Shows and Their Intro Videos

Yup, we are doing this. Some of the best songs, actors, video/motion graphics, photographs, big fake smiles, the casual walk down the stairs and see the camera panning on you and smirking so awkwardly were done in the 90’s and they frickin’ deserve the credit!

Here is the list we generated at Binge Magazine.

(Honorable Mention). Hanging With Mr. Cooper
This was a toss up with Smart Guy but we decided to show Mr. Cooper since the dude was straight up so cool! He was a former NBA player who ended up becoming a high school teacher and pretty much laid down the law to kids in a funny way. Also who can forget the beautiful Vanessa Russell played by Holly Robinson.

(10). Martin
The graphics in this video are off the chain! His smile is so on spot just like we imagined. Lovin’ the neon colors and creative art across the logo. Of course he’s going to make out with some one in this opening video. If this video is not a foreshadow to “Big Mama’s House then I don’t know what is. Someone get me those beats in this song please!

(9). Are You Afraid of The Dark
Yea… about this one… Can you say totally not appropriate for today’s television line up for kids? I’m not going to lie but this made me pee my pants a little. That’s a creepy ass song. I mean it seriously looks and sounds like shit off of Jason and the Halloween movies. Also, did these kids on the show have any curfews? How old were they? Why did they only meet to talk about stupid ghost stories? I heard the kid with the glasses ended up being a porn star? Is that true? Anyways this show was pretty good and included some pretty bad ass kids who were the first ones to experiment with salt and fire…don’t lie and act you didn’t grab some salt and throw it into some bonfires after seeing this show.

(8). Married With Children
OO yes…Married With Children was definitely one of a kind. Al Bundy was that average American man that you love to watch on tv but wouldn’t want to come home to at night. Oh, yeah…..what size shoe are you? Hands in the pants…why not?

(7). Step By Step
One name comes to mind for this show: Suzanne Somers. She most likely invented the term guys throw out so often now and that is #Milf. Holy moly. Not to add to her awesome figure…but she was a killer mom too. Anyways, this intro video must have been one of the best to be apart of. They filmed it in a theme park. Well at least from the terrible graphics in this video it looks like it. I always thought the guitar playing in this song was Cody jamming out in his van parked in the backyard. Overall this show was one of the best and just wished they would finally do a 20/20 special on where Cody is at right now.

(6). Saved By The Bell
Whether you were team Slater or team Zac, team Jesse or team Kelly…we bet you loved watching this 90’s show. Noone compared to Screech…except maybe Steve Urkel. Hmmm…interesting.. Anyone thought we saw Slater’s nipples a little too much in their high school? I mean, was there some type of dress code there? O well, this show shaped up most high schoolers across America during the 90s and for that we thank you guys!

(5). Family Matters
Steve Urkel. Need I say more? Who wouldn’t want to be neighbors with the Winslows? I know I wanted to be! This opening song too is just so damn addicting! I swear I got goosebumps every time they showed downtown Chicago and the family riding their bikes on Michigan Avenue… I mean the only thing I can think of is… ARE YOU CRAZY! Get off Michigan Avenue! You will get hit and you will die. But whatever, they survived and so did this show. America loved it and so did we. Carl Winslow showed us that good cops in Chicago do exist… well maybe “did exist.”

(4). Boy Meets World
Cory, Sean, Topanga, Eric & Mr. Feeney. Where else could you feel like your high school experience was actually normal? Did you live next door to your principal, who taught you for 19 years straight? Didn’t think so. But boy did that Matthew’s family have it all together. One of the best TV families of all time.

(3). Full House
Easily one of the best shows. Ever. What other show has a dad, a Joey and an Uncle Jessie? This intro. is a perfect description of this show; fun, corny and family-friendly. Hands down one of the most catchy songs, ever.

(2). Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
So Will got into a little scuffle with some homeboys while playing some ball and his mom got worried and sent him off to Bel-Air… Wow. That was easy as far a parenting move goes. Well Mama Smith, we are glad you sent that boy to the West Coast because if you didn’t we probably would not have this hot ass beat and sick lyrics to this song.

(1). Friends
Think of a song from 90s TV…guarantee you think of the Friends theme song no matter if you were a fan or not. You still hear it at weddings in 2014 and people still wish they were Rachel Green. So maybe you and your friends don’t get coffee daily from Central Perk, but you certainly perk up when you hear this tune. Don’t deny it.

So what did you think of the list? We will be back weekly with new topics to discuss cuz we’d da bomb. Until then keep it real and #BINGEOn.

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