#BingeWineWeek Recap

It’s so hard to put the damn cork back on the bottle of the wine but its got to get done unless you plan on wasting it and who wants to ruin something so good? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we have to do with #BingeWineWeek as it comes to a close this year. It’s not easy to say goodbye to wine week so that’s why we are just saying “see ya later” (perhaps maybe in like 2 hours or so.)

We want to thank all of our sponsors and everyone who helped put this together as it was a tremendous effort by all and also quite fun. Even though the week is coming to an end we are still giving you the CHANCE TO WIN and EARN some cool stuff that was mentioned in our wine week posts. Below you will find the recap of what you may or may not have missed.

Dash (Take our quiz to WIN some Dash cash when you take our “Which Celebrity Should You Share a Bottle of Wine With?”)
Today we bring you the app that will change your dining out experience forever. Dash is the new, effective way to split the bill, keep a tab open without forgetting your card, and make dining out fast and easy. Read More…

Good Vine Wines: Do Good Drink Me
Share this article on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for a chance to WIN $20 GiftCards to Marinos and/or Whole Foods.
Do Good. Drink Me. Is exactly what #BingeWineWeek is all about. To show why Good Vine Wines should be on your top wine list, we created this custom poster [below] to help you learn about their 3 tasty flavors. Read More…

Wine Chat with Amy Witz
Meet, drink & be merry! Allow us to introduce you to Amy Witz, Certified Sommelier, Hyatt Regency Chicago. You may be asking, “what exactly is a Sommelier?” A Sommelier is a wine lovers best friend, Sommeliers are trained and knowledgeable wine professionals who help in all aspects of wine and wine pairing, mainly in a fine dining atmosphere. Read More…

Beyond Tuscany: Reaching for Italian Wine Past Chianti By: Martina Zuccarello
I once saw a tweet that read: ” Sometimes I just like to roll the names of indigenous Italian grapes around in my mouth like velvet-covered marbles.” This resonating phrase presents striking imagery that recalls the lusciousness of fine Italian wines, but at the same time (and I don’t know if the tweeter meant to do this or not) Read More…

Inside the Vines with Yamandu Perez of TWO
Take a look into the wines at TWO with GM/Owner Yamandu Perez and claim your $10 Dash cash which you can use at TWO to treat yourself to a glass of wine! Yamandu first learned about wine by sneaking into a tasting when he was in college, and his vast knowledge of wine has grown along with his career. Read More…

Things That Can Go Wrong While Drinking Wine
Spilling wine on your brand new shirt
Spilling on someone else
Dropping a wine glass at Happy Hour vs at Home

Read More…

What To Do While Drinking Wine
Wine & Dine
Wine Tastings
Cooking at Home

Read More…

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