#BingeWineWeek: Kickoff

Nobody loves wine more than us; we know it can be your shoulder to lean on after a long day at the office, an escape from daily stresses, and most importantly, wine is best celebrated in the company of good friends and family. These are a few reasons why we decided to start #BingeWineWeek. Join us for seven days of wine fun- we have everything from original content, quizzes and giveaways, featured brands and helpful tips! Not to mention, we will be ending Wine Week with a bang…Miss Charlotte Chipperfield will be hosting a LIVE Twitter Chat specifically for our readers to answer all of your questions.

What do we love most about wine? That it brings people together, and we hope that #BingeWineWeek will bring our community of readers together. We love you, we love wine and we want you to #binge a little!

So why wine?
Easy, we understand the passion that goes into it, the way it makes us feel, and how much we enjoy raising a glass with friends. Wine is our go-to buddy. We enjoy the taste and the classiness of it and always appreciate a good glass (or bottle!) Red wine or white wine, we don’t discriminate, we just drink, but we know that you deserve to learn about the best of the best. Wine is how we wrap up a meeting, greet a guest, or start brunch. Maybe we have wine under our desk, or maybe we don’t. Sometimes, more than anything, we need a glass of wine and plate of cheese…whether sad or happy, that’s bound to make us end the night on a high note. If we need to find a quick last minute gift to give to someone then… you guessed it, wine is there to save the day!

So what does this all mean? It means wine is awesome, and it should be appreciated. That is why we are creating #BingeWineWeek. Not only does this give us more reason to drink wine but it gives all of you, our friends, a chance to raise a glass with us!

Be sure to stay with us all week, November 3rd to the 9th, and enjoy the Wine Week Fun!

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