Binge Fitness Music Playlist

Everybody needs a workout playlist. Everyone has their own favorite genre and their own taste in workout tracks, so why not try something new like our #BingeFitness Playlist for #BingeFitness Week.

Whether you are hitting up the weights at the gym, running up a hill at the park, doing stairs at a local sports stadium, riding your bike on the lake, or anything and everything in between, you are going to need some jams to motivate your workout, help you get your heart rate to the max and get in the zone. Good workout music makes you feel powerful, and the right tunes can make all of the difference. Whatever that music is- YOU selected it, YOU downloaded it, YOU bought…the reason? To get you pumped up and your adrenaline rushing. This music is your shit and it is on a playlist mode for a reason. Your workouts take you to another place. A different world where you’re the only one in it, and your king or queen of that world. You put in those ear buds so you can get an uninterrupted workout. It is just you, your workout and your music. For most people… there is nothing better than being in this state of mind…Focused. So get focused, get motivated, get ready and go! This week, let us help you get motivated with some of our favorite tracks!

In this Binge Worthy Playlist we got artist like:
Drake, Lorde, 30 Seconds From Mars, The Notorious B.I.G., Zedd, Jay Z, Hole, AFI, Fatboy Slim, Chris Brown, Paramore, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, 2Pac, Incubus, Beyonce, and more! Take songs from this playlist and create your own on Spotify playlist and/or profile! It’s super easy and great for your workouts!

Take a listen here.

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