Binge Fitness Challenge of the Week: Kettlebell Swings

Let’s Binge on Fitness!

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Today, Let’s Binge on your whole body.
 If you’ve never heard of a kettlebell, that’s okay because we are excited to introduce you to them! This is one of the best workouts you can possibly do to engage your entire body and also burn a lot of calories. If you don’t have access to a kettlebell (though we suggest purchasing one as they are great for quick, at home workouts) feel free to substitute a dumbbell, weighted ball or weighted plate from your local gym and use the side handle with a firm grip as a substitute to complete this week’s Binge Fitness Challenge

For those not familiar with a kettlebell, here is what one looks like.

Using a kettlebell or a weighted plate (preferably a kettlebell)

Here’s the challenge: 4 sets for 45 seconds 
Kettlebell Swing:
Grab the kettlebell (or substitute) by the handle with both hands and make sure to have a firm grip.
Keeping your back as straight as possible, go into a squat position and swing the kettlebell with control just below and past your bottom area and explode back up swinging your body back to a standing position without ever bending your back.


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