Binge Fitness Challenge of the Week: Burpees

Let’s Binge on Fitness!

Swimsuit season is right around the corner, but being fit should be for every season! Kickstart your fitness routine with our Binge Fitness Challenge.

Come back every Tuesday to get your Binge Fitness Challenge of the Week. Share your post workout selfies with us by using #BingeOnFitness on Social Media.

Today, Let’s Binge on Burpees.
This workout is a full body workout and has several levels to work up to. This week’s challenge will be level 1.

Start with hands to side





Squat down with hands touching the floor and on your toes as shown





Kick back your feet so your body is in a push-up position





Kick your lower body back to your squatting position





Stand back up with hands to the side or to hips then rapidly repeat this process for 20-25 seconds for a full set.





#BingeOnFitness Challenge:
Do 3 sets
Each set for 25 seconds
Rest 30 seconds after each set

Burpees have a variety of benefits for the body, to see a few, click this link

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