Binge Fitness Challenge of the Week

Let’s Binge on Fitness!

Come back every week to get your Binge Fitness Challenge of the Week. Share your post workout selfies with us by using #BingeOnFitness on social media.

Today, let’s create a personal mini bootcamp.

Part 1:
Start off with 30 Jumping Jacks
Rest for 30 seconds
Finish up another 30 Jumping Jacks


Set your watch for 5 minutes and begin your run.
At your own pace begin a light jog or even fast powerwalk.
Gradually increase your speed so at 3 minutes you are now moving close to 90% full speed.
At the end of your 5 minute run, come to a pause and rest for 1 full minute.

After your rest, go right into a lunge.
You will complete 8 reps of lunges.

Take a quick breather and finish off with one final sprint (at your pace) for 1 full minute.


Re-hydrate and go at it again.

This is a great workout when completed 3 times back to back, but depending on your level this will work as a nice warm-up.

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