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Welcome to Binge Wine Week! This week, Binge Magazine brings you all things wine, including fun giveaways, quizzes, original content and guest contributors with extensive wine knowledge. We invite you to participate each and every day, and help us spread the word. After all, wine IS better with friends!

Today we bring you the app that will change your dining out experience forever. Dash is the new, effective way to split the bill, keep a tab open without forgetting your card, and make dining out fast and easy.

Have you ever treated friends to a happy hour, just to forget your card at the bar? Not so happy when you get home, huh? Thanks to Dash, you never have to worry about that again. Just let your bartender know that you’re using Dash, and instantly close out the tab when you are ready to leave without ever taking your card out of your wallet!

Sick of the eye rolls you get when you ask the waiter to split your bill 4 ways? Dash has you covered. With the ability to split your bill evenly, it’s effortless and let’s you continue enjoying your meal.

Just wanted to run in for a salad when you notice the lunch-time rush coming through? No need to wait for your waiter to come back with the bill, just open your Dash app, pay and, well, DASH!

We know the best way to learn is to try it out, so Dash has given us a private coupon code just for Binge Readers! The only catch? Take our quiz, and find the promo code in your result! Fun, fast & easy, doing it the Dash way! So go ahead, Binge & Dash!

Huge thanks to Dash for sponsoring day 1 of Binge Wine Week!
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