Beyond Barre: A True Cardio Ballet Workout

BeyondBarre is the company behind the hottest fitness movement—a true cardio-infused ballet-barre workout. The BeyondBarre program is unlike any other thanks to its creative design and limitless workout variations. Each class includes barre exercises to firm the thighs and lift the seat, arm-toning work using light weights, an ab series to narrow the waistline and cardio to melt the pounds away. This is not your little girl’s ballet class!

Binge Magazine had the chance to sit with creator and founder Colleen Ketchum to discuss her BeyondBarre program and why her students are falling in love with it!

In what ways have you tried to make your BeyondBarre Basics Program as informational as possible?
“With the BeyondBarre Basics training program’s (both in person and home study courses) I wanted to be sure I provided extensive support so learning continues after the training is completed.

I created a manual complete with photos of every exercise including modifications and variations along with an accompanying DVD of each exercise broken down. In addition to the BeyondBarre manuals and DVD all licensed instructors receive access to the BeyondBarre Connections which is an online site dedicated to supporting BeyondBarre teachers. On this site instructors will find new video choreography, music playlists, teaching tips, marketing materials and MUCH more. For those looking to even further their BeyondBarre development, there is a BeyondBarre Dynamics training that layers in many additional exercises and dives deeper into the various ways to choreograph routines.”

What is your Home Study Program?
“With the BeyondBarre Home Study Course, everything you need to become a BeyondBarre instructor is delivered to your door.

The BeyondBarre home study course includes a fully illustrated manual and a DVD showing each exercise including modifications and variations. The manual teaches the BB method’s easy Say-it, Count-it, Focus-it formula to teaching as well as the overall structure of the BB workouts.

There are pre-choreographed routines for you to follow or you can follow along in the manual to create your own workout versions of BeyondBarre. Included with the manual is a practice guideline and access to an online exam.”

Where is Beyond Barre taught/offered?
“BeyondBarre is offered across the United States, Canada, India, Mexico, and soon to even be in Brunei! To see our US locations go to –

How can someone become a trainer? What do you look for in potential trainers?
“All who are interested in teaching or who want to deepen their understanding of barre fitness are welcome to go through the BeyondBarre training course.

This training program is great for those who are new to fitness as well as those who are seasoned fitness instructors. We cover the basics of fitness instruction with our Say It, Count It, Focus It Teaching Compass so those new to teaching have a strong foundation to build off of. For those who have been teaching for years, they can learn the method and how to choreograph the workouts with themes and focuses.”


To become a BeyondBarre instructor sign up for an in-person training at –

Or the BeyondBarre Home Study Course at –

Testimonial Below:

Rebecca Connolly –
Any hesitation I had in taking the step from BeyondBarre student to instructor quickly disappeared within the first 15 minutes. At the training I was surrounded by other individuals, all with various fitness backgrounds, sharing a journey to uncover the secrets behind the success of the Beyond Barre workout. Personally, I know it works because I’m a dedicated fanatic taking the classes 5 days a week. It was a relief to know that the “secret” is the perfect combination of Colleen’s years of athletic training and experience, combined with scientific elements of body positioning and a versatility to make the BeyondBarre class experience applicable to anyone who will walk into your studio. As an instructor, you have the confidence in knowing that you are prepared to manage a class of students all at varying barre abilities and ensure a fun, effective and safe fitness experience. In taking the BeyondBarre Basics training it’s evident that Colleen is passionate and thorough, ensuring you walk away with all the fundamentals to begin teaching; from technique to music to session choreography to play lists she has you prepared and confident. In addition, you never walk away from learning with the ability to access to the BeyondBarre Connections instructor website specifically geared towards teaching new choreography and techniques. I’m secure knowing that I can use the BeyondBarre Connections for continuing education and help along the way. I can’t wait to take the BeyondBarre Dynamics Instructor training next!

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