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Bernardo Estrella: Man of Many Skills & Jobs

MEXICO CITY | The music industry may look like a fun job to have but in fact it may be one of the most stressful jobs to have. From watching Mtv, Vh1, and even movies, people tend to have this conception of music stars living these glamorous lives but in retrospect they kill themselves day in and day out. And not only do the music stars suffer, but so do the many who are involved with the music industry as a whole such as managers, promoters, and the producers. A job that requires many headaches and many gray hairs but only to lead to great payoffs in the end. The pay off of getting noticed is the only thing many music artist ask for. Music is a universal tool and is an everyday use to an average person who can hear or tolerate any kinds of sound. Music is everywhere, it pervades our world. Everyone knows music has power and importance. But have you ever stopped to consider why? What it is about music that gives it so much power and importance?

We start our music tour in Mexico City with a Rock N’ Roll artist named Bernardo Estrella, a 28 year old singer/writer/teacher and pilot. Bernardo is currently working alongside with his band called “MALTA” in Mexico City. The country itself is considered to be one of the most influential cultural driven nation there is in the world and with that comes the love for music. Bernardo has been cursed but yet blessed by this contagious feeling since he was a little boy and listening to his father play on his electric guitar and piano. The sound of The Doors and The Beatles lifted Bernardo’s ears and soul for the sound of rock and through that inspired him to pick up many types of musical instruments to
experiment with.

Bernardo began his experimentation with music by picking up small gigs as a DJ at skating rinks and ever since than never looked back. “I started a music project on my own, mixing some electronic music and acoustic sounds, called “Acoustic Pilot”, once I had uploaded it to myspace, I received very good feedback, then I just kept on creating new stuff until I randomly ended up singing for a friend’s rock band in 2007 when I was in college,” said Bernardo. The gift of producing sound and mixing was a sign to Bernardo that this could possibly be something he could be doing for the rest of his life. The feeling of having music balance his own energy was a good thing for him since everything he did or thought was encrypted in every song he wrote or played.

The former Mexicana Airline Pilot saw an open opportunity to concentrate on music a lot more when the Airline Company went under. Bernardo who finished a Mechatronics Engineering degree and a major in Aeronautics knew he could focus more on music before he would begin looking for another airline to work for. Bernardo admits that this was a blessing in the sky to have music as a hobby but for a secondary career is more than just a prize possession, it was like a free gift to enjoy life. “Reality reflects your perspective in life, and music is my perspective. It constantly revolves around me, like an ongoing soundtrack in my head that always keeps me in a good mood, tuned to the right note,”
said Bernardo.

To many, music is an everyday need and want. Music is so important to the world that without it life would be boring and simple. Music is power and according to Bernardo, “a power that people can feed off of.” “It is a way to express what you think and what you feel through the use of something more powerful than words or body language.  I believe that a melody can make someone understand what you are feeling without that person having to see or speak to you in your language. That is a true connection. In my country music is so widely expressed in a great variety of genres that adapt to everyone. In Mexico, music does bring people together, no matter what social class or region you are from. Rock has a huge list of genres over here, and the underground world still amazes me for how extended it is. Every time we share the stage with two or more bands, the diversity of the crowd hanging out at the same place is almost epic, and still they drink and have a good time together, no matter who they listen to. Hip-Hop culture grows everyday over here as well, it is used as a way to show discomfort in regards to the tough lifestyle the Mexican youth is subjected to. This is a loud country, we are loud people that like to be heard, and the best way to do it is to be creative with means available to you, whether it is a guitar, an accordion, or a trumpet, music is the best weapon against violence.”

With so many different artist out in the music world today and many having different reasons why they begin, Bernardo explains why everything is and has been an influence on his work. “I consider every single thing to be influential.”

“I like to stay balanced and observe all that surrounds me, I like to feel and listen as much as I can. When we are writing a new song or creating something, I like to focus on all the aspects that help create our personalities, who we are, and use that diversity of ideas towards one final product.”
“In relation to music, I have many heroes. To mention a few: Beethoven and Mozart made me a fan of classical music, and to think, they could write a whole symphony in their head and harmonize the whole orchestra. I truly do admire them. John Lennon made it possible to use music as a vessel to project ideas and make a real change in the world. I also admire Jimi Hendrix very much so for the vision he had and the innovative sound he created, that remains unmistakable to this very day. Personally, I like to look for all types of music as I am curious about new sounds and bands that reinvent themselves all the time, and still manage to be successful.”

Rock, electronic, classical, hip-hop, jazz, you name it, Bernardo loves it. The sound waves that travel from one speaker to the next, the rattling of the bass, the language of the voice, the note being hit in every song makes music that much better to Bernardo. The 28 year old hopes to continue to impact many music lovers in Mexico and around the world through his knowledge and the sound of his guitar. If you’d like to listen to MALTA, check out their website at or follow Bernardo Estrella on his own website at as he post new music and discussion topics daily.

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