Becca Roth: No One Has to Know

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It’s with great excitement that we introduce you to Becca Roth, Philly-born Singer/Songwriter, who like many, is now residing in LA. Becca’s first track, No One Has to Know, is an exciting step forward to her debut EP. No One Has to Know was released on June 3rd (see below for the link) and will be releasing the much-anticipated music video on the 17th.

The new single, “No One Has To Know” is a lyrically intimate track carried by ambient swells and an indie folk arrangement. The song features accompaniment by a 5 piece band, including member’s of the band Night Lights; Dag Hanken on drums, and Yusuke Sato on electric guitar. Lyriquediscorde described the song as “lush and lovely”.

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