Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Bella Bambino Nannies was founded in 2002 by Rebecca Howard. As a former nanny and working mother of 4, Rebecca understands the challenges you face when seeking in home childcare for your precious little ones. Representing only the finest in-home child care workers available they serve some Southern California’s most prestigious families. Bella Bambino Nannies caters to the most discerning parents seeking only the best in nanny care for their children.

So how does Rebecca balance a thriving business and motherhood? Binge Magazine sat with her to get a dose of female empowerments and hope to inspire other working moms with her story.

How are your services helping working mothers to transition more smoothly back to work?

As the owner of a nanny agency and also a single mother of four children I have a unique edge in assisting mothers who are transitioning back to work. I have been where they are and I completely understand how nerve-racking it is to have to leave your children with someone while you go to work. My services definitely make a working mother’s transition smooth because we are able to provide top quality candidates who are fully screened and experienced we make the process of finding the right nanny simple.

What are the top 5 things working mothers should consider when looking for a nanny?

1. Make sure the nanny is a great fit personality wise. Someone can have all the experience of the world in the great on paper but if you don’t personally get along with them it won’t work out.

2. Look for someone who sees professional childcare as their career, longevity is very important when you have children as is avoiding a revolving door in your home. Stability is key. Long-term references are what you want to see.

3. Flexibility. As life with children can be unpredictable you should look for a nanny who understands this and can be flexible as needed.

4. A great nanny will be respectful of your child rearing practices and will understand that being consistent with your discipline style etc. is the best way to raise your children with you.

5. A great nanny should be very organized. Nannies have a lot of different responsibilities throughout the day and organizational skills are paramount to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

There is a lot of different child care out there, what are the best options for mothers who work from home?

For a mother who works from home it is still important to have a professional nanny who is capable and comfortable taking over 100% even if you’re in the home. Depending on your work hours you may consider a part-time or full-time nanny. Live in Nannies can be more flexible and ideal if you travel a lot for work. A mother’s helper is not ideal for a working mother as this is someone who will work alongside you. You want to find someone who can take over completely so that you can focus on work when you need to.

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