Back to School: 10 Shows Dedicated to School

To show our enthusiasm for returning back to school, we created a list of shows that dedicated most of their time in the classroom. From Nicktoons to TGIF- these hits are back to school worthy.

While parents are embracing the feeling of getting a little private time back in their lives while the kids are out learning at school, there still is that small grueling feeling for both parents and children to gear up and prepare for another long year of school.


Little T.J. Henderson wasn’t your ordinary kid! He was a genius going through the aches and pain of a high schooler as a 10 year old. This show mainly takes place in school so it definitely makes our list.


Shia LaBeouf may have fallen off the face of the Earth… or at least off the nearest bar stool, but we have to admit that Even Stevens was a great Disney Show. We watched Shia grow up from Junior High all through High School. This show had its funny moments and epic school scenarios that most kids will probably never experience but at least it was amusing to us.


This original NickToon created a lot of controversy over ethnicity, but who cares right? Hey Arnold was the story of a 10 year old kid who had one of the coolest rooms in the world, a weird grandfather and a penis like chin but what made Hey Arnold fall into our list was Arnold’s classmates. A very well diverse group indeed made up some very interesting topics the show covered including questionable actions by a bunch of fourth-graders.


A show about Twins finally meeting for the first time then going through a school experience together was quite the treat and first for many to watch how they would be showcased on television. Tia and Tamera Mowry showed us how cool it was to have a twin and also how it could suck to have a twin. All and all the show did quite well on ABC’s TGIF lineup and led the girls all the way through High School while transitioning over to the WB until the show was finally cancelled.


DOUG showed us the true real life battle with class bullies like Roger Klotz (The Green Butthole above) and his gang, along with true cute puppy love crushes like he had on Patty Mayonnaise. Doug also had his ups and downs with his best friend Skeeter Valentine all through his 3 years in the 6th grade. Yes, Doug and the gang never graduated or moved on. The show purposely kept them in the 6th grade for 3 years which would be hell to any kid on earth.


Great show, cool cast, weird situations between this whole group. Never really understood when someone else was messing around with another person but I guess that really didn’t matter because the cast made it through high school unlike some shows.


The name of show says it all, right? Every student loves the sound of this especially if it is at the end of the day. Everyone wanted to be friends with this group. I mean in particular to Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie and Lisa. I suppose Screech got cooler as the show went on but for some reason he was part of that core group who everyone picked on. This show made coming to school just a little more intriguing than it really was, so thank you!


This really wasn’t a school and didn’t really make sense but it was so damn hilarious. So Spongebob went to a year long class to learn how to DRIVE A BOAT… UNDER WATER! “WHAT!” Let me say that again… DRIVE A BOAT… UNDER WATER! Ms. Puff certainly had her hands full here as well as a full classroom of fish and ocean organisms. The fact that Spongebob took time out of his day and was so dedicated to this class showed great student character and passion to learn… even though every episode he failed every class or test and never got his driver’s license. 


Leave it to Mr. Feeny to stalk you throughout your childhood, onto your teenage years, in to high school to always remind you to STAY IN SCHOOL. Between Mr. Turner, Mr. Williams, Mr. Feeny and even Janitor Bud, this show was all about education and family. No other way to put this into play because we basically watched little Cory Matthew grow up from elementary school all the way through College. And now, he has kids that have a show. Boy defiantly met the world in this show and to put things into perspective as the show went on to be one of the most successful shows to ever be aired on national television.


So pack up your backpack full of pencils, loose leaf paper, crayons, folders, marker, pens, books and… oh wait, we have iPads that do all that for you now. Whatever then, have a great school year everyone!

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