Arys Déjan: The Code

Hailing from Canada, Arys Déjan who proudly reps Toronto, Ontario has caught our attention with his latest track. When we first heard Déjan’s latest track ‘The Code’ we were immediately drawn in to meet the artist behind this great new sound. From the lyrics to the beat, we knew it was Bingeworthy.

How long have you been creating music, and when did you know it was time to do this full time?

I used poetry and writing as a way of expression around age 13. I’ve never known who my father was, I spent my teenage years in foster care and I was out of school from grades 4-8 so paper and pen were my escape. I used to pretend that I was a ghostwriter and wrote lyrics for my friends who didn’t even rap, but they’d have their guest verses on the songs that I was writing at the time. They used to call me the Freestyle Prince in High school so that went to my head. I was always writing but never recorded until about 2010. Once I heard my voice and heard what everyone else was hearing when they heard me spit, I knew I could get to a higher lever with my music and my story and work towards a dream that I had. Enter this interview.

Very curious to know what the music industry is like in Canada?

It’s very back and forth…up and down. One minute people “Have it” then at the blink of an eye…they don’t anymore. I don’t know what happens or what decisions these artists are making but for hip-hop, there’s a bit of a struggle but at the same time…there’s a lot of hopping on the band wagon with what’s sort of “hot”. I’m looking for management and a booking agent but there’s no one in sight. There’s a lack of support when your name isn’t as big as Drake’s. I’m not complaining though, I feel that success is right around the corner for me, especially with my LCBO (Life Can Be Overwhelming) EP dropping on June 4th.

Your single ‘TheCode’ is a pretty hot track, tell us what this song is all about and how this beat came to life?

I appreciate that a lot. TheCoDe represents a lifestyle. Something that is emerged through the rubble of something pretty tragic happening. TheCoDe helps yu keep the balance in your life after said tragedy happens. It could represent the rules that one lives by or chooses to never live by. Due to my life experience, I live by a certain CoDe that helps me get through my day to day. The producer of the beat is from Toronto, for P Reign…I tried contacting him (Sent him the completed track) but no word as of yet, maybe he will see this, the tweets that all the blogs have been sending and the love the track is getting and maybe he’ll holla…or maybe he won’t. I found the beat and i liked it so I “borrowed it”.

Who are some artist’s you’ve had the privilege to work with and/or perform with?

I haven’t worked with anyone “big” yet. When the time comes, I’d love to get in the studio with people/artists like Scarface, Pharrell, Jadakiss, Nas, Timbaland, FKA Twigs, BANKS, JMSN and Ace hood.

What are 3 things you love to binge on?


Recording songs back to back, I’ll write 8 songs within a span of a week and record them all in one day one after the other when it’s time to. I like hearing my voice and different ways that I can express it over different beats/sounds. 


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