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Anberlin: “Lowborn”

Twelve years of rockin and rollin, 6+ albums released, and over a million fans worldwide, I think it is safe to say Anberlin has done pretty well. Their newest, and final album “Lowborn” shows a phantasmal and deeper side of them especially when comparing it to their previous material.

One song we highly recommend is “Armageddon”. For some reason this song really paints Anberlin’s farewell year in the best picture possible. The slow melody leading in to the bridge of this song sounds erie and dark enough to make you feel the age of Anberlin and how they have evolved into true ambassadors of modern rock.

If you need more ammo to pull the trigger on this new album, then check out the band’s latest video and single “Stranger Ways”. This single gives a glimpse of what this whole album is all about. “Stranger Ways” is the perfect pitch to get you excited about what you are going to hear on “Lowborn”. The video and sound give off this haunted dream feeling that, perhaps, the band may or may not have done on purpose to keep their audience on the edge of their seats. Deon (bass) passes this farewell message onto fans, saying “Anberlin may be ending, but you still have A LOT of material to keep you company. 7 albums worth to be exact. I like to think that not only will current fans continue to listen, but maybe new fans will discover us over and over again.”

Lowborn just adds to this collection so be sure to purchase “lowborn” today on iTunes!

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