Anavae: Feeling Alive

It’s safe to say that Rebecca Need-Menear and Jamie Finch from the band “Anavae” are feeling pretty alive right now. With the release of two new songs “Feeling Alive” and “Instinct” you can believe that the band is going in the right direction. If you enjoy a great alternative rock song, if you just love discovering new artist’s, we highly recommend checking out Anavae.

Learn more about the band in our New Music Monday Feature interview, below.

What makes this new track “Feel Alive” so different from your other songs?

Our tastes and influences change ever so slightly with each release. We decided to really strip back the guitars for ‘Feel Alive’ and play more with synth ambience. Fusing in more electronics but still keeping that rock edge.

If you had to compare your sound to another artist/band who would it be?

What a band thinks/wants their sound to be.. compared to what they actually sound like will always differ. Recently we’ve heard “You guys are like Florence and the Machine meets Bring Me The Horizon or if Purity Ring & Don Broco had babies.

Us Americans love our English rockers and appreciate all their great music, why do you think bands who emerge from places like London are so successful and popular in the states?

They are? Well that’s awesome! (That’s only because of our accents right? 😉 England’s such a tiny country so it’s pretty impressive to think just how many great artists come from here.

What has been the most exciting part of this rock-star journey for the two of you so far?

Hearing our track on Radio 1 was a brain melter! It’s also extremely surreal reading comments and messages from listeners from every corner of the world. Knowing we created something that has travelled so far is very exciting.

When can we expect another full-length album and will you be heading out on tour soon?

We haven’t actually released a full-length album yet. Our releases so far have always been EP’s / extended EP’s so the thought of doing a debut is exciting. Maybe we’ll start grounding all of these floating ideas soon. We have a few upcoming dates which we’ll be announcing soon.

If you could BINGE on 3 things everyday, what would they be?
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…that sounds like a pretty awesome milkshake!





(Can I put some banana in there too?)





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