Activism in Mount Greenwood: Building the World’s Largest Diaper Cake

SWADDLE + Saint Xavier University Alumni Board = World Records Being Set. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Let me help you a little bit with all of these burning questions you have!

Who: SWADDLE and the SXU Alumni Board. Y’all already know just what the SXU Alumni Board does if you read last week’s article (and if you didn’t, go do it!), but do you know exactly who makes up this board? SXU Alum. Obviously. There’s more than that, though. Each person on the Board is a hard-working, dedicated, volunteer who takes the time to make all the Alumni events at SXU as fun, versatile, and meaningful as possible. One of the missions of the Alumni Board is to give back to the community through various service projects. Here’s where SWADDLE kicks in.

SWADDLE (SouthWest Area Diaper Depository for Little Ends) has a mission to make sure all little ends are dry, and that all mothers have access to diapers for their children. They do this by distributing diapers to social service agencies to then be passed out to families in need. Not only is Carol Bradtke the Vice President of the SXU Alumni Board, but she’s also on the board for Swaddle. “SWADDLE is among the more than 300 community-based organizations around the country that are members of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN). We collect disposable diapers and wipes and work with local social service agencies to distribute them to needy families. Although we have made great progress these past two years by distributing over 119,000 diapers to struggling families, diaper need remains a chronic condition for many in our community.”

Carol, along with other SXU alums Kathy Rogers (SWADDLE Chairperson) and Candace Ramirez (SWADDLE Secretary), all have south side roots, and they all share in the passion of SWADDLE’s mission. Believe it or not, but the Government safety-net programs do not recognize diapers as a basic need, so it’s difficult to receive aid/funding to receive them. The best part about SWADDLE, is that you do not have to wait for an event to donate diapers!

What: SWADDLE and SXU are attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Diaper Cake! Volunteers and local partners will construct a HUGE ASS (no pun intended) Diaper Cake from donated materials and donated diapers. “We have also engaged several local schools to help with the construction of the cake!” (Bradtke) The Cake will remain on display until Homecoming Week concludes on Sunday, October 9th. Honestly, who the hell doesn’t want to take a photo next to the largest Diaper Cake in the world?”

When: As part of SXU’s Homecoming Week, the World’s Largest Diaper Cake will be built on Thursday, October 6, 2016 between the hours of 11:00am and 5:00pm. Not only do SWADDLE and SXU need diaper donations, they can also use a donation of your time; they will need witnesses in order to make this an official Guinness World Record, so head on down to the South Side and Snapchat the heck out of this! But where is it?…..

Where: The Diaper Cake will be built in the Butler Reception Room located at Saint Xavier University, 3700 W. 103rd Street, Chicago, IL, 60655. You can drop off donated diapers at SXU’s McDonough Chapel any time before, during, and even after the event.

Why: Aside from the obvious reason to help those in need, it’s really a great service project for both the students/faculty/staff/alumni of SXU to get together with the members of the Mount Greenwood community to really make a tangible difference.
“Bradtke came up with the idea for a world record as a way to raise awareness about diaper need: the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clan, dry, and healthy. ‘We chose to host the project during Homecoming Week so the project would have greater exposure to the students, faculty, and many alumni who return for the festivities.’…For Saint Xavier alumni, students, and faculty working with SWADDLE on the project was a perfect fit for with their core value of service ‘to advance the genuine well-being of our community and those we encounter.’”

To get involved, please contact Carol Bradtke at , donate diapers straight at the McDonough Chapel drop off located on the Saint Xavier University campus at 3700 W. 103rd Street, Chicago, IL, 60655, or donate straight to SWADDLE by calling (708)705- 5563.

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