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A Touch of Mint

I had the opportunity to chat with Lotta Alexandersson, owner (and designer!) of MINT DESIGN who is truly a breathe of fresh air! Lotta has enough talent to outshine the sun, but her personality, dedication and passion for her work is what is going to make her a force to be reckoned with! We chose to let Lotta share her own version of her bio so that you could get an honest feel of who she is-she shares her story of how she used to Binge on creativity with her mom & how that helped shape who she is today.

Lotta: It started at a young age when we were given school projects such as book reports when my mother realized she had passed down her creative gene. Not only did I manage to create the most original piece amongst my peers, I also enjoyed it and helped my friends by giving them tips and tricks. When I was in high school, I became extremely close to my mother and found myself being very inspired by her and her ability to take on any project in her path. One weekend I decided to join her and faux finish one of her clients homes. The final product was spectacular- that’s a feeling that words could never explain, so I continued helping her with her business endeavors whether it be painting an armoire or reupholstering a chair. I was eager and willing to learn. In college I created my own major focusing on Art, Communication and Sociology with the goal of working in the event planning industry. Immediately after I graduated from the University of Arizona, I moved to Chicago with my now fiancé and his brother. Turns out that city is one the best to live in for forward thinking event planning businesses. I worked with many planners and threw myself at them with everything I had, volunteering countless events and galas working my way to the top. I transformed into a human sponge and soaked up anything I could from the industry. Learning from your experiences is what makes you grow and become a strong leader. With that being said, 2014 will be a huge year for MINT DESIGN. Incorporating event and interior design into one business was the switch I needed to launch my business. I always knew I wanted to do something that enticed and showcased my creativity, I just didn’t know what avenue to take until now. Being Swedish and German traveling every year to visit family has taught me so much about design and how it can change and inspire you in all different kinds of ways. Furniture, décor, architecture, lighting, colors, textiles, even the way different cultures celebrate together is something that resonates deep inside of me and inspires me to think of new and fresh ideas. MINT DESIGN specializes in event and interior design. Whether it’s a large event, a diy party, your home office or an established business. We design it.

What some may see as a lost cause, I see as a chance to give it a new fresh look and a touch of MINT.

MINT DESIGN is an inspiration, an opportunity, to give that old furniture, dated room, run down building, unmemorable event, a fresh new look and a touch of MINT. With roots embedded in faux finishing, painting, and reupholstering, the inspirations that have culminated into the arrival of MINT DESIGN began with interior designing in the Silicon Valley. It then expanded to event designing and planning in Chicago before settling into designing events and interiors in Central California, Along the way, MINT DESIGN revamped deserted furniture found at yard sales and alleyways, making them once again original pieces now found in homes and offices.

MINT DESIGN specializes in events and interior design inspired to bring to life your special moment, setting or original piece. Whether it’s a large event, diy party, a home, a office or established business, give it a new fresh look and a touch of MINT.

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