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We’ve been on the hunt to get in the minds from the guys in A Story Told so we could learn more about how the band got their jumpstart and grown to success. With 2016 being one of the biggest years for the band they were able to reach the ears of hundreds of thousands of people with over 100,000 Spotify listeners. While the band has been hard at work in the studio, we were able to sneak Zach Holley away for a quick moment who shared plenty of insight about the band’s history and plans for the future.

What is the “story” for you guys? How did you guys originally form?

A Story Told was formed back in the early 2010’s. A few of us were in bands in the Charleston/Huntington, WV music scene that had recently broken up. Coming from such a small, local scene, we were all fairly familiar with one another and decided to just start jamming and see what could come of it. We started playing music and realized we had something special so we started to take things a little more seriously. We kept growing as friends and as a band and that leads us up to basically where we are today.

Where do you guys seek inspiration and who are some of your idols in the industry?

I think most of the inspiration for our music comes from where we are emotionally at the time. We write most of our songs about events and feelings that we are going through and try to be as honest as possible when coming up with new ideas. We are really drawn to artists that strive to be original and make their own sound in a scene where a lot of bands can kind of get lost, or drowned out, due to the number of amazing bands that we’re all lucky to have in this day and age. We’re really inspired by artists like Pvris & Twenty One Pilots that take an existing genre and put their own spin on the music to come up with something new & fresh. Oh, and Taylor Swift.

How does it feel to officially have released your first full length album?
It’s an amazing feeling to finally have our first full length out and behind us. Prior to the release of our first full length “Keep Watch”, we had only put out a few EP’s comprised of a few catchy tunes that gave a glimpse into the sound that we were striving for. With “Keep Watch” we were able to present our fans with a more complete package of songs that go a bit deeper emotionally & give us a more original sound.

Out of all the work you guys have released what is the one song that you think best shows the world who “A Story Told” is?
I would have to say the song “All of You”, which is off of our current full length “Keep Watch” best describes who we are as a band. The song is pretty diverse in that it is full of catchy, pop melodies while maintaining the aggression of a rock song.

What is next for the band in 2017?

The biggest news that we are happy to announce for 2017 is that we are hoping to release another full length album later this year. We are currently in the process of recording these new songs and can’t wait to share them with the world. However, we are still in the process of promoting our current full length “Keep Watch”. We plan to tour to as many cities as we can and share our music with some new faces out there.

Name one thing most people do not know about you guys?
Alex Chaney (Vocalist): Alex does all of the design, photography, and most of the videos for the band.
Casey Hardman (Drummer): Casey will buy just about anything as long as it is on sale.
Josh Allen (Guitarist): Josh was actually the original drummer for A Story Told.
Zach Sallade (Guitarist): Zach Sallade is a teacher and coaches a middle school basketball team.
Zach Holley (Bass): Zach Holley is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of West Virginia.

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