8 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love to Run

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8 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love To Run

Moms who run are smart women. Running reduces the risk of breast cancer and heart disease, maintains bone density, fights depression and reduces stress that comes along with the many duties of motherhood like juggling work, family and household chores. Not only is it a great way to decompress and stay slim, but running is often described as free therapy and good for the soul. That’s why giving your mom gear that will boost her favorite sport is the perfect way to show how much you care this Mother’s Day.

To help you discover some of the coolest new gadgets and accessories for runners, the mobile-health gurus at Digifit pulled together their favorite items in this gift guide roundup. Here’s a list of eight must-have and unique running accessories that every mom who runs will love.

There’s nothing more irritating that earbuds that pop out of place while running. That’s why mom will appreciate the new RunPhones, a sporty and snug headband that features built-in, high-performance headphones that stay in place. Plus, the moisture-wicking material will absorb sweat and prevent it from dripping down her face. Available in blue, black, orange and green for $39.95 at RunPhones.com

The Saddle Forearm Mount
Running with a smartphone offers many benefits, from mapping routes to tracking pace, but current bicep armbands are not convenient for accessing or viewing the device while exercising. That’s why this new forearm mount from Digifit is the perfect accessory for mom. The Saddle contours to the user’s lower arm for the best position to view, access and interact with apps, music, text messages and more. Snatch up this sports band for $29.99 at www.Digifit.com.

Runner’s High Cuff
Save mom from shoving money in her sports bra when she runs! These stylish wrist cuffs feature a small pocket with velcro closures so mom can stash her cash, keys or other little essentials. Score these cuffs for $14 at LUCY.com.

Storebelight by Nathan
Busy moms may clock in a few miles before the day starts and before the sun comes up in order to fit a run in to their jam-packed schedules. Keep her safe with this slim and lightweight blinking light that provides hours of high-visibility illumination and securely clips to any garment. Available for $10 at Athleta.com.

Nike Elite OTC Socks
The latest trend among runners and other athletic circles are compression garments that promise an increase in oxygen delivery, decrease in lactic acid, prevention of cramps and minimized muscle fatigue. For women who run regularly or are training for a long distance race, compressions socks are a great gift to help boost recovery between workouts. Pick up a pair at Nike.com for $40.

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews
After a long day, mom may need a boost of energy to get through her next run. Offered in cherry, berry and orange, these sweet-tasting energy chews are certified organic, gluten free and fortified with 100 percent RDA Vitamin C so mom can fuel up the all-natural way. Just $27 for a box of 12 at HoneyStinger.com

Viiiiva Heart Rate Strap
Forget awkward adapters! This new Viiiiva Heart-Rate Monitor turns a bluetooth-smart-enabled phone into a running monitor; sending data seamlessly and in real-time to any of the popular fitness apps. Synch with Digifit’s iCardio app to track and monitor heart rate, caloric burn, pace, distance, duration, map routes and more with voice and visual feedback. This way mom can evaluate progress and continue improving each run session. Make this moms for $79.99 at 4iiii.com.

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