6 Natural Ways to Treat Emotional and Physical Pain

By: Trevor McDonald

Pain is an inevitable part of life, but the way we handle and treat it can make difficult times a bit easier – or harder to overcome. Therefore, we should always strive to take care of ourselves and gradually bring our mind, heart, and body back to normal with the utmost care. The best course of action to take is to find natural ways to ease the symptoms or hurt.

Below are six of the many natural ways to treat emotional and physical pain!

Make use of your vocal chords
Laugh, cry, scream or verbally share what is bothering you. Turning on a comedy show, allowing yourself to completely release every tear and frustration, and reaching out to speak with someone you love lifts immense weight off your shoulders. That’s because the physical release of emotional pain guides the body to slowly recover back into a calm and content state.

Genuinely unwind and relax
More often than not, we tend to force ourselves to do things even if we have surpassed our limits. When in a vulnerable and emotional state, we need to be kind to ourselves and allow both our minds and bodies to rest. It’s counterproductive to attempt to complete projects or errands and convince yourself that drowning in work and tasks will redirect your energy. Dedicate your time and energy into de-stressing instead of demanding your body to keep on going. You might accidentally hurt yourself otherwise!

Sleep to your heart’s content
Turning off the alarm, a nap in the middle of the day, and actually sleeping the recommended amount of hours will have you thanking yourself later. Sleep is a restoration process that rejuvenates the body by rebuilding muscle tissue, balancing hormones, and literally (and figuratively) shedding off the events of yesterday to start fresh when waking up.

Consume the right supplements and drink herbal tea
What you put inside your body is just as important as the way you treat it. For example, prescription pills can have addictive properties. Opiates such as Vicodin and Morphine are extremely addictive and cause an individual to require continuous amounts of them to sustain their fix or numb their pain. On the other end of the spectrum, choosing the right supplements will only reap positive benefits. Herbal supplements and teas are solely created with multiple different properties, such as healing and soothing, to naturally assist your body with whatever it needs!

Get your heart racing
Exercise is not only eternally reliable; it is a timeless way to handle pain. The lack of endorphins in your brain will no longer be a problem since exercising reinforces dopamine production when our bodies move. Additionally, focusing on physical fitness temporarily distracts the mind away from the source of pain. After a workout, so many positive chemicals pump through your veins – therefore, better equipping your self-awareness and decision-making with a clear and sharpened state of mind.

Create a meditative space
Emptying the mind has more value to it than you think. With all the chaos that swarms in our brains, the thought of putting all of it to rest seems impossible. But thankfully, that’s not the truth. Meditation is not only training the mind to relax but creating a space around you that encourages this practice.

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