5 Things We Learned from Last Night’s ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’

Truth through comedy is a tricky thing. You’ve got to be as honest as you can by still leaving room for light-hearted laughter. Nikki Glaser is known for pushing the limits of comedy, in the best way possible, and her new show ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’ has shown light on some awkward and uncomfortable situations, somehow making us all feel a little more comfortable about these encounters.

This week’s episode was no different, and it’s safe to say Nikki nailed truth through comedy on last night’s episode. From creepy laundromat visits to advice to her younger self, we learned a little bit about a few important subjects last night, so let’s take a look at them now!

5) Sometimes you’ve got to fake it until you make it. Like ‘accidentally’ tripping into a boob in junior high.

4) Be yourself. Todd Glass shares a brutal example of this.

3) The truth can hurt, but just know that a lot of 16 year old girls are bitches. It’s just a bad age for all.

2) If you’re going to have a weird habit, might as well fess up to it, right?

1) Life is better when you’re honest with yourself!

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