5 Simple Steps for Year Long Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are often made right before the start of a new year, but often times the new year is one of the hardest times to kickstart goals and changes. People vow to eat less, workout more, volunteer or simply make time for family and friends yet they tend to get caught up in the madness of getting back some normality in their lives after the hectic holiday season. This slow start can stop people from sticking to what they really want to achieve. Focus on starting those resolutions when you know you can commit to them.

You’ll often hear others joke about “New Year’s Resolutioners,” but why should we poke fun at those looking to make a positive difference in their lives? While it’s hard to differentiate those who make resolutions to gain “likes” on Facebook vs. those actually trying to better themselves, let’s focus on the people who really want to make a change.

Here are 5 easy tips to keep you on track for success and fulfillment in 2016.

1) Don’t make a resolution because you feel you have to. Think about the areas of your life that could use some work and be apparent in them. Each week think of things that happened in which you could have handled different, or done differently.

2) Just because you think of these things, don’t dwell on them. Many people lose sight of what they’re doing right when they focus on the mistakes they’ve made. Note it, think about it and move on.

3) Think bi-weekly about things that make you happy and incorporate them into your resolutions. Love to ride bikes and looking to lose weight? Find a cycling class. Love to paint and need to find balance in your life and work? Buy a canvas and put away a few hours a week to paint and find yourself.

4) Live your life! Resolutions shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the fun in life, they should be used to create more of a happy medium between life, work, and play. Keep this in mind and you’ll be on the right track!

5) Don’t be afraid to start a new resolution just because it’s the middle of March! If you decide there’s something new you want to aim to achieve, go for it! Putting it off until the next year won’t make it any easier. Found a great airline deal? Make it a new resolution to travel!

Now go make 2016 the best year yet…because you can! #BingeOnLife

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