4 Ways Students Can Make a Positive Difference While at University

University students are important members of the society who are not only going to build the future, but they can also impact the present in more ways than one, starting with bringing positive changes to their own universities. These kids are at the stage where youthful energy is complemented by the necessary knowledge and understanding of the practical world. Here are four ways in which students can make a positive difference in their respective universities.


Good students with impressive academic records are very likely to succeed in life later on as well, but while in university, they can use their skills and expertise over subjects to tutor students who are having trouble with their courses. By helping other students get better grades, not only can they improve the chances of their peers making a better future for themselves, but it’s a great way to get some extra polish on their own skills as well.

Getting Involved in the Zero Waste University Movement

Bevi, a top beverage company, is dedicated to turning universities across the country into zero waste institutions over the course of the next few decades and students are the most important participants necessary to make it happen. Get involved in the zero waste movement by Bevi and help your own university become less wasteful by taking methodical steps towards it. A few of the positive steps students can take towards building the zero waste university are mentioned below.

  • Abandon and eliminate plastic use from the campus
  • Arrange for incentive-based awareness and call-to-action programs
  • Teach and practice terracycling for waste products that cannot be recycled
  • Reduce the huge waste created during move-in/move-out days by arranging for management programs in advance

This is just an introduction to some of the positive differences any student can make by being a part of Bevi to help control the deteriorating environmental conditions. More details with proper guidance can be found on their website for those that are interested.

Start a Productive Club

The opportunities and potentials in this respect are huge and not just limited to the traditional drama and poetry clubs, although they are viable options as well for those that have interest in art and literature. The idea is to provide a social platform for like-minded individuals to share ideas and grow their common hobby together. Aside from providing a break from grueling university schedules, it might just give birth to something great on the campus as well.


Professors and even students need help all the time in a university and students that have extra time on their hands can use it to help those that need it. It may not be a paid job of course, but you would be surprised at how much that experience and goodwill is useful when trying to get a good recommendation later on.Universities have always been the birthplace of positive changes, revolutions, new talent, great innovations and more. While every positive effort may not lead to a complete overhaul right away, even the smallest of effort in the right direction is a brick laid in the foundation of a better tomorrow.

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