3 Reasons Justice League Will Succeed (Or Fail)

You don’t really have to be a film fanatic to be intrigued by a Justice League movie. Everyone loves Batman, and there are plenty of people who will be intrigued by the idea of seeing the rest of the team on the big screen as well. If you’re in that camp, you’re in luck! Warner Bros. and DC are releasing Justice League in mid-November, in what ought to be one of the more hotly anticipated cinematic events of the fall.

That said, Warner Bros. and DC have had fairly limited success on the big screen up to this point. So, will Justice League be the fan-friendly romp so many would love to see? Or will it be a disappointment? We’ve thought up a few reasons to anticipate either outcome.

Why It May Succeed

Warner Bros. & DC Are Coming Off Their Best Effort – The effort to bring DC Comics to life hasn’t been nearly as successful as the similar venture with regard to Marvel. Indeed, some of the films have been panned. But Wonder Woman, which was released earlier this summer, earned raves, and with good reason. More than being a good movie, however, it might just have changed the tone of this superhero universe. As a review at Stardem put it, the film “lifts the oppressive darkness” that had been the signature of previous Warner Bros./DC efforts. Maybe that will carry over into Justice League.

Jason Momoa Is Unspeakably Awesome – If you don’t love Jason Momoa (the guy who played Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones), I’m not quite sure what to say to you. He’s an authentic, larger-than-life, endearingly ridiculous dude, and he’s our new Aquaman. He’s almost guaranteed to inject some fun into the project. Seriously, just check out his reaction to a recent Thrones battle scene. This guy is pure entertainment.

Batman’s In Charge – I wasn’t exactly wild about Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s take on Batman. Ben Affleck probably overdid the dead-eyed over-the-hill hero routine, and the ultra-armored Batman suit was a bit much. But he’s still got a lot more charisma than our current cinematic iteration of Superman, so it’s nice to see that the plot is going to center around the caped crusader (who will reportedly gather the squad).

Why It May Fail

The Superman Foundation Is Weak – Let’s be honest about the recent history of Superman movies. Man Of Steel was an overblown disaster, and so forgettable that its most enduring legacy is an online arcade game. It’s a slot reel hosted by Slotsource and designed by Playtech, and even as a simple game it’s arguably more fun than the movie. It’s nice to enjoy the idea and basic imagery of Superman without having to suffer through the film. Dawn Of Justice wasn’t a whole lot better. The unfortunate truth is that Henry Cavill’s take on the character is about as charismatic as a wax figure.

Jesse Eisenberg Ruined Lex Luthor – On the flip side, Jesse Eisenberg probably tried to inject too much charisma into Lex Luthor. Eisenberg is capable of being very entertaining, but something about the crafting of his Superman villain just went awry. The character debuted in Dawn Of Justice, and Eisenberg overacted it into oblivion. It’s probably just the curse of Heath Ledger’s Joker, which has already inspired more than a couple melodramatic, unsatisfying villain follow-ups.

Zack Snyder Can’t Handle This Series – This is a little bit harsh. Snyder gets credit forever for the absurd brilliance of 300. Actually, Watchmen was interesting in its own way. But Man Of Steel and Dawn Of Justice were just directing travesties, and there’s not really another way to put it. By all accounts, Snyder takes this material very seriously and has a sort of reverence for the comics. But his DC films have been dry, over-serious, and frankly just no fun. If he did any other random film I’d be open-minded, but it’s hard to be optimistic with him helming another Batman/Superman project.

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