3 High Paying Careers That Only Require a Bachelors Degree

Going to college is still a big deal but a lot of employers have been raising their requirements. There are a lot of positions that require applicants to have a masters degree or even a Ph.D. for consideration. So yes, it might be harder to find work in certain markets if you only have a bachelors, but you can still potentially make a good deal of money. Next up are three high paying careers that are open to anyone who has a bachelors as well as the right skill set.  

1. Information Technology Professional

When you know computers like the back of your hand, you are part of the way there to being able to call yourself an IT expert. Information technology professionals work with computers but not all of them do the same thing. There are IT professionals who do nothing but work with security, meaning that they maintain the safety and integrity of their employer’s internet security and network
connections. Other IT professionals might be the one to troubleshoot computers when things go haywire. Working in this role will give you a lot of job security, your duties will be greatly varied, and you will also be able to make a good amount of money if you gain additional certifications.

2. Financial Controller

So, the best controller job description appears as follows. The responsibility of a controller is to double-check and confirm the raw data produced by a company’s accountants and bookkeepers.  It is the job of the controller to look at each invoice, receipt, account billable, et cetera, to ensure that all of the numbers add up. While a controller might benefit from attending graduate school or getting further certification, all you need is a bachelors degree to become one.

Controllers are one of several different career options for people looking for high paying and professional job options. If you have the education necessary and you have experience in the field, you can become a well-paid controller. If becoming a controller is of interest, consider reading this information and getting the inside scoop on this high paying career choice.

3. Real Estate Agent

Funnily enough, a bachelors degree is technically not even necessary to become a real estate professional. On the other hand, the vast majority of successful realtors have at least some college experience. So, what a real estate agent does is help connect potential homebuyers with sellers. If a match is made, then the realtor can expect to make what is known as a commission. While a lot of the real estate market is based on pretty pictures, immaculately staged houses, and social skills, realtors also need to know how to make themselves marketable. Real estate agents spend a lot of time working on their websites, planning open houses, and answering questions from potential clients. On the bright side, the most personable and hard-working realtors are the ones that can easily clear six figures each and every year.

After completing a degree and potentially having some student loan bills to pay off you need a career that will enable you to live comfortably. Moreover, going to school indicates that you are serious about working in a professional environment. Even if you have a bachelors degree in an area of concentration that is unrelated to the careers described above, with proper training you can get the experience needed to make a transition.

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