13th Floor Haunted House Chicago

Prepare to face your darkest fears, Chicago! 13th Floor Entertainment Group – the Country’s largest [rofessional haunted house production company – is introducing its award-winning, nationally-feared brand of terror to Chicagoland.

“We’ve already established the most frightening haunted houses in Denver, San Antonio, Phoenix and more. Chicago certainly has some other high-profile players this year, but our experience and new technology will ‘scream’ for itself,” says Chris Stafford, partner at 13th Floor Entertainment Group.

We’re told that 13th Floor Chicago is “soon-to-be-legendary” and that they intend to scare the daylights out of the Windy City. Phew! Let’s take a closer look. Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy Cougar, Chucky and each character in-between, none will scare your pants off as much as this Haunted House. Not convinced? Let our interview with Stafford prove it to you!

BM: If you had one scary movie to compare this 13th Floor Haunted House to, what would it be and why?

That’s a hard question, I don’t think it can be narrowed to one because there are so many different experiences within the two haunted houses at the 13th Floor. Our first attraction is called “The Rising” and is influenced by some very classic horror staples like vampires and the undead. Our second attraction called “The Dead End District” is influenced by the post-apocalyptic genre and features several unique flavors of horror.  In sum, 13th Floor Chicago would be like making a sandwich out of “The Walking Dead,” “Cabin in the Woods,” some of the more gruesome scenes from “Interview with a Vampire” and then dipping into a “Paranormal Activity” and Stephen King sauce.  It’s multi-dimensional and once you’ve experienced it you may have some heart burn.

BM: What does it take to become a scare expert at these notable 13th Floor Haunted Houses?

We look for talented people who fit the part and who have a passion for this haunted world. At 13th Floor Chicago, visitors will see more than 75 terrifyingly talented actors at each performance. Some of our more experienced actors are those with key character roles, which include more talking and interacting with each guest – others are raw talent with a knack for scaring and the ability to time their “scare” just right. All of the actors are trained in improvisation, which is key so that they can react and play off of each guest’s reaction.

BM: Can you explain the “13th Floor” to us, so our readers can understand what they are about to get themselves into?

The actual 13th Floor is a lot of things to a lot of different people.  To some it is a superstition.  There are a lot of buildings out there that don’t have a 13th Floor, why is that? What is the mystery behind the 13th Floor, and what terrible things must have happened to them or on them for there to be so many absent in so many buildings?  To some it has become legend, of an indescribable and terrifying haunted house that you may not make it out of alive.  For us it’s all of that and more. It’s the essence of our creativity and the place we bring people to all over the country to scare the living daylights out of them.

BM: What cool scare expert technology are you guys using to set up this Haunted House?

Our technology is unique to the industry and what helps us set our 30,000+ square foot Haunted House apart. Guests will see CGI effects, mirrored illusions, high tech animations, accompanying sound, lighting, video and scents as well as two new effects which use a combination of computer controls, pneumatics, air, sound and lighting. Some of our “props” come from past homes on the Las Vegas Strip and real settings like abandoned hospitals and morgues.

Chicago is a pretty tough city, what makes you guys think you will be able to scare as many people as you guys have done in the other cities?

We produce more haunted houses across the country than anyone. We have traveled far and wide and you are right, Chicago is a tough city with plenty of haunted houses and entertainment options. We knew that coming in, and brought our A game. 13th Floor Chicago will be our company’s flagship attraction.  For a bunch of producers that already operate some of the country’s best haunted houses to get together and say, “Let’s do something bigger, badder, and more over the top than we’ve ever done before” is a big statement, a big project, and the result is incredible.  We encourage people to go to every haunted house they can.  We love going to haunted houses!  But if you miss 13th Floor Chicago you will have missed one of the greatest haunted house in the City’s history. That is why we know people will come. We hang our hat on our product and know people will have a fun and scary time and be blown away.

“We’ve already established the most frightening haunted houses in Denver, San Antonio, Phoenix and more. Chicago certainly has some other high-profile players this year, but our experience and new technology will ‘scream’ for itself,” said Chris Stafford, partner at 13th Floor Entertainment Group. “13th Floor Chicago is soon-to-be-legendary –
we promise to scare the absolute daylights out of the Windy City.”

13th Floor Haunted House Chicago runs Thursday-Saturday from Sept. 26-Nov. 1, and is also open on Wednesdays in mid-October and the entire week of Halloween – with a special post-Halloween “Blackout” event Nov. 7-8.

Ticket prices range from $24.99-49.99, with Special Fast Pass and Immediate Access tickets available. Entertainment will be provided for customers waiting in line – just a slight tease of what awaits them inside. Purchase tickets here!

13th Floor Chicago is located at 1940 George St. in Melrose Park and free parking is available.

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