​How To Include Exercising in Your Holiday Plans

This post is courtesy of Ben Hart, our Binge Magazine go-to fitness expert. Ben is; Co-Founder of Qinetic – Former Tier 3 Trainer @Equinox – @Rexist360 Master Trainer & Olympic Boxing Candidate
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When the holidays come around, many people share similar problems which include keeping their health and fitness up to par. Is it a problem? No, not until it becomes one!

Here are some ways to get you started on keeping you lean during holidays:

You must make exercising a priority.
I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over again. However, this is something you must make a decision on. When I say making a decision to make exercise a priority, it means acting on it not talking about it. If you don’t make it a priority, it will always fall to the waistline. Literally! You may be thinking “Well, what’s the first step in making it a priority? My days are so busy and I’ve got a lot going on, especially during the holidays.” The key to this is that you must develop a “Why Factor” to make you want to do this. You have to have something that feeds you to keep going! Whatever your motivation may be; family, beating a disease, proving you can to those who have doubted you, etc. Find your inner “Why Factor” to really keep this working for you.

Once you are able to make exercise more of a priority in your life, you can now then start implementing it in to your day no matter how packed it gets.
Whether you are traveling or just extremely busy with the family and work, you can now carve out 30 minutes each day to put towards keeping you lean and feeling good. This isn’t just for you staying aesthetically looking good, but you will feel good around people with great energy. People don’t want to be around someone who is impatient, especially during the holidays. Carving 30 minutes out of your morning to get in some sort of intense workout in regardless of how busy you are is key during the holidays. There is no excuse for not having 30 minutes each day to get some high intense exercise in.

To get the most out of your “short and sweet” workout, keep it high intensity.
You will release more endorphin’s, regulate your blood glucose levels, and more importantly you increase the release of fat blasting (lypolytic) enzymes. Even if the workout is short, high intensity interval training is the real deal. If you don’t think you can keep the commitment up, just find a workout partner who will help sustain these habits. Its always better and more fun with an ally.

When I say High Intensity training, I am referring to workouts that will push your body to a place it rarely goes during the day. Keep it intense and again, try and surround yourself with people who see exercise as a priority in their life as well. I can’t emphasize this one enough.​

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